The World Of Geespotting

In Hockey Hits on October 22, 2009 by geespotting

All right…here it,  is the debut of Geespotting, and I have nothing to say.


In a nutshell…here is what you will see:

– A lot of gibberish, and cluttering I am sure. Just trying to figure this thing out…so, be patient.

– A lot of hockey talk, ’cause that’s what I love and know.

– A little of other sports too…football, tennis are some of my other faves.

– TV tracking. I watch a lot of shows…and a lot of it is crap.

– Music, or in particular charts. I have been keeping track of ‘rock’ and ‘pop’ tunes (my own list by the way) since 1984 and will continue to do just that.

– Lists…I mentioned music charts, well, I love to list ‘stuf’f’ so will do that from time to time.

That’s the shell of the nut for now, hope Geespotting will be your guilty pleasure at some point!


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