Smelly Leafs

In Hockey Hits on October 25, 2009 by geespotting

Ok, let’s get to a good ole hockey blog, shall we.:

– Alright, everyone remembers those days as a kid when you would go outside one Autumn afternoon and play in the big pile of leaves that Dad had raked up so nicely. It was a blast to dive in them leaves, roll around, throw them in the air, etc. Good times. You may also recall that one kid who didn’t have it so good. It didn’t happen all the time, but, there was that one kid who would get up from that pile of leaves with a look of horror on his or her face. That kid had rolled through some leaves that a dog had already rolled through…and that dog left his calling card, in the form of one fine, steamy dog turd. And that poor kid had it all over his pants. He did nothing wrong, but, now his day was done as his leaves stunk! Catch my smelly drift on this one?

– That is today’s Leafs, isn’t it, the Toronto Maple Leafs, they truly stink! It is fun to watch the team stumble out of the gate, the team that is located smack dab in the middle of the universe, the team that everyone loves, or loves to hate. As for me, I would actually prefer to see all 7 Canadian teams excel, and yes, that does include the Winnipeg Jets. (I am a hardcore fan…and after 14 years, it still hasn’t hit me yet). Here is why the Leafs stink of dog fesces so far:

– Goaltending. Yes, it is obvious, not front and centre for me like it is for so many others. There is no team in the league so far this season that is using goalie number 3 as their number 1. Also, I think Toskala isn’t really hurt, but, in hiding somewhere.

– Defence. It’s horrible. The 2 new additions have shown that they were truly over-rated heading into the season. Beauchemin is obviously a player who thrives on being a 3rd stringer, and Komisarek looks like he is still reading his own headlines. Luke Schenn is going through the sophomore jinx, because he is barely visible except when he makes the many mistakes that he does. I could go on and on…where is last year’s saviour Jeff Finger by the way?

– Offence. The best Leaf players on offence so far have been Ian White and Tomas Kaberle. That’s right…the Leaf’s two best forwards this season are their 2 best defencemen. These young guys that were supposed to shine this season have their lost way…and no doubt, their confidence. Grabovsky, Stalberg, Stajan…what happened to these guys? The Leafs were supposed to be fast, exciting…and on and on. Let me put it this way…last night against the Canucks, Lee Stempniak was on the point for the 2nd power play unit. That shouldn’t even happen in Pee Wee.

Coaching. Could be the biggest problem in all of  Leaf Land. Ron Wilson is an arrogant, smug thug who isn’t doing a very good job. Playing “Dodgeball” at an NHL hockey practice? C’mon, should have just taken the boys for a bonder to the peeler club down the road instead of having cameras present for that ‘grade 4 gym game’. He is like Burkey in the fact that he loves the media frenzy that is Toronto, and loves to hear and watch himself speak. The only other coach in the league that needs to have that look wiped off of his face is Jacques Lemaire, but, then he has some rings, so, you can’t argue with his success, or dopey look.

– Ok, how was that? It feels good to write and rant about them Leafs. Sadly, because the season is so long, the team is more than likely going to turn it around, go into Anaheim and beat a struggling Duck team, and then I will look foolish…but, probably not.

Go Leafs go…go Leafs go…go Leafs go…’hey…who did that…what’s that smell? were you raking Leafs recently…’


2 Responses to “Smelly Leafs”

  1. Wouldn’t it be amazing if the Laffs lost to Anaheim…with Justin Pogge in net for the Ducks????

  2. Go Leafs Go!

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