Reality Show “Say Whats!”

In TV Trash on October 26, 2009 by geespotting

Ok…are you like me and a fan of reality shows? Here are some ‘say whats’ from recent shows:

1. SURVIVOR: SAMOA…This year’s edition has a few of ’em. For instance, last Thursday was the first time in Survivor history that a challenge couldn’t be completed as Russell (not Russell H., but the other one) fainted a couple times and his blood pressure dropped, causing him to leave the game. SAY WHAT! Also, this year’s show saw another first as Ben tripped a competitor in a challenge, and was the first to ever be kicked out of the game. SAY WHAT! And finally, this also marks the first time in Survivor that any participants have found the coveted “Immunity Idles” without even getting one clue. SAY WHAT!  I wonder if the producers of the show are ‘spicing it up’ a bit with these seemingly endless ‘firsts’ taking place. If only Jeff Probst could put it into perspective. I am sure he will. His honesty and integrity are the only things that makes this show real. Did I say that out loud? Sorry.

2. BATTLE OF THE BLADES…I heard a judge say to Claude Lemieux…”who taught you to shake your ass like that?” SAY WHAT! Ken Daneyko was told that he is a gentle man with soft hands. SAY WHAT! Tie Domi’s smile lights up Maple Leaf Gardens, and his strides are a true resemblance of the real man he is. SAY WHAT! All of the girls (the actual figure skaters) are pretty hot…no SAY WHAT on that one.

3. THE AMAZING RACE…The biggest SAY WHAT goes to Mika from last night’s show. She had the challenge of going down a waterslide in Dubai. Yes…it was a straight-down slide…and yes…it was in shallow water…and yes…it was pretty high…but she couldn’t do it. She refused to do it. She put her foot down, and her water wings bounced and she pouted and she cried a bit, and she was not the Mika that we all were in love with from the beginning of the show. She was not the Mika that we were cheering for, the one that we had hoped would find true love with Pachabelly or Canon or whatever his name was. She was not…OH…gimme a break. She was on the Amazing Race and couldn’t go down a freakin’ waterslide. Had the girl seen the show before? Was she aware of the fact that her fears of ‘water’ and ‘heights’ might come into play at some point in the show? And for that…she gets a big SAY WHAT! 


… Next time on Geespotting:

– Watch for the very first ‘list’. This one will highlight the top babes on the boob.

– Also…NHL award leaders and Al’s Team Canada.

– That’s next time on an all new Geespotting!


2 Responses to “Reality Show “Say Whats!””

  1. Oooh, can’t wait for the babes on the boob installment! ;P Hmmmm, do you think we will see J-Lo-H on this particular list?

    Gotta say that I am always riveted by Jeff Probst and his words of wisdom. He really knows what he is saying, hey?

    Mika is a huge baby. I knew that was coming.


  2. do you think danyko, domi, et. al, tuck their balls between their legs while they skate or do you think they just had them removed?

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