Battered Stars

In Hockey Hits on October 27, 2009 by geespotting

What’s the deal with today’s NHL stars, and the constant amount of injuries that surface each and every day? I guess there are a few theories:

– Yes, it is true, today’s players are faster and stronger than they have ever been. With that mind, then I guess it would make sense for more injuries.

– At the same time though, today’s players take care of themselves more so than ever. The old days of going for a car ride at the end of August with the windows rolled up and the heat cranked up in order to lose weight are gone. I have tried that…doesn’t really work. The resources and support staff that each team has is incredibly huge, meaning that prevention and recovery of injuries is stronger than it ever has been. Mind you…it doesn’t matter what kind of shape you are in when Zdeno Chara steam rolls into you.

– Detection of injuries is easier than it ever has been too. You often hear stories of past pros who were playing with a broken foot, and didn’t know it until the injury was almost healed, or, players who discarded a big injury as ‘bumps and bruises’. There is also no longer the myth that used to exist where players would have to be tough and strong for team-mates and often play though some of those injuries. In today’s NHL, if you are hit and have any form of a head injury, tests are done, and you are not to return until deemed fit from the team Doctor.

– In today’s state of panic regarding flu epidemics, any player with any type of sniffle, muscle ache, cough, or fatigue is encouraged to get better, and stay away from the team until they are better. I don’t think those precautions existed even 15 years ago.

– Finally…maybe it is the same as it ever has been, but, we (the fans) now  have the resources to keep tabs on each and every player at any given moment of the day. I don’t recall hockey pools being as big as they are now either, which may explain why we curse players for sitting out a game or two with a bruised foot, as opposed to the days when we wouldn’t have known they even missed those games!

…They are dropping like flies now, aren’t they? I hope Gonchar recovers quickly, or the Preds have a light sked in the next few weeks, so Arnott doesn’t miss too much time, or Bouchard takes Tylenol 3’s to get rid of his day-to-day headache, or….








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