Babs Made Him Do It

In The Rest Of It on October 28, 2009 by geespotting

The tennis world was treated to a glorious reunion a few days ago. Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi played an exhibition tennis match overseas on the weekend, with ‘Pistol’ Pete bettering Andre 10-8 in a 3rd and final set. It was the first time they had met since Pete’s last professional match, a win over Andre in the US Open Final. It was a fitting capper to what has been a memorable 2009 in pro tennis.

A few days later however, a bombshell was dropped by the former No. 1, who was known to drop some bombshells on the court. Andre Agassi revealed that in 1997 he had tried crystal meth, and then lied about it to the powers that be in professional tennis. He said that the drug was slipped into a drink unknowingly, and the ATP bought it. The rules that exist now as far as drug enforcement goes in the game didn’t exist in 1997, but, even so, a handwritten letter got Andre off the hook.

I don’t know what is more suprising…the fact that Andre got away with it so easily, or the fact that Andre, many years later, had to reveal this. He does have an autobiography coming out next month, so, these types of revealations are par for the course when it comes to selling the books. But Andre really doesn’t need the dough. He is very wealthy, and is known for sharing his wealth. His Andre Agassi Foundation is a trend setter when it comes to helping young people. In the prime of his career, he was earning $25 million from endorsements alone. So, why the need to tell all? It is baffling to me, but, then maybe he wants to come clean, so to speak, as to his demons during his up and down tennis career. Or maybe he wants his book to sell more than Johnny Mac’s.

I don’t find it all that suprising that he did do drugs. After all, he was the face of tennis with his long blonde locks, his abrasive attitude, and the ‘rebel’ of the game. I am sure we all remember those cheese ball Canon Camera commercials.

I also find it funny that the ATP dismissed his ‘letter’ so easily. Had it been another player, an Andrei Medvedev (the player Andre beat to win his only French Open), I am sure the ‘letter’ wouldn’t have cut it. There was no way that the ATP wanted to put their biggest attraction on the sidelines, even if for a few months, because of being a druggie.

So, did Andre take the drug that one time…or was it an on-going problem? I guess we won’t know until we read the book. Having been a huge Andre fan for many, many years, this is kind of disappointing. Almost as disappointing as to when he dated Barbra Streisand. Really…Babs? I think the meth came a lot earlier….


2 Responses to “Babs Made Him Do It”

  1. But not disappointed enough to skip buying his book, I’m betting!

  2. Ya, it was slipped into his pop.

    And Ben Johnson was accidentally drugged too!

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