20 Babes On The Boob

In TV Trash on October 31, 2009 by geespotting

I watch a lot of TV…a whole ton of TV, so much so, that I can actually have a list of the 20 biggest bombshells on the boobtube. Here is the DISCLAIMER though…these 20 are from shows that I watch. With apologies to Megan Fox, her goes the list:

20. Tina Fey. The star and creator of 30 Rock is talented and brilliant…and a pleasure to look at.


19. Nora Zehetner. She is one of the ‘newbies’ on Grey’s Anatomy, as part of the merger. Her beautiful bulging eyes are sure to catch the attention of Alex, who will cheat on Izzy, ’cause that’s what they do on Grey’s.


18. Peyton List. This babe first caught our attention as Marissa’s rebel little Sister on the O.C. She is now the babysitter on the break-out hit Flash Forward.


17. Jenna Fischer. She is funny, and quirky, and rather sexy. She is part of TV’s dream couple, Pam and Jim, on The Office.


16. Neve Campbell. Yikes…she could make the list based on her role on Party Of Five, but, is the only one on the list who is not actually on TV right now. We welcomed her back this past Summer in the Philanthropist.


15. Michelle Trachtenberg. She is the only two timer on our list, with roles on Gossip Girl and Mercy. She got her start on Buffy, and now plays a bad girl on Gossip Girl (but,  aren’t they all), and the little ‘Miss Innocent’ on Mercy.


14. Aimee Garcia. She is part of NBC’s sexy new drama Trauma. She flies a chopper with Rabbitt, but, if you have seen her run on the show, you know she is the ‘bouncy bunny’!



13. Teri Hatcher. She had it in Lois And Clark, and she still has it as the smokin’ clutz Susan in Desperate Housewives.


12. Lindsay Price. She first gained our attention as Steve’s girl in the last few years of the original 90210, but, now dazzles us the reserved, but waiting to burst out of her shell newsreporter on Eastwick. Paul Gross has a tough job.


11. Katie Cassidy. In the new Melrose Place, she is the vixen that Heather Locklear was in the original.


…Time for a break…there is your list from 20 to 11. Casey Kaseem will have the top 10 tomorrow.


One Response to “20 Babes On The Boob”

  1. I think it was Willa Holland not Peyton List who played the little rebel sis of Marissa in the O.C. Still both are hot.

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