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Charts Baby – Nov.21st

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(1) 1. Sexy Chick – DAVID GUETTA W/ AKON (4th WK.)

(2) 2. Whatcha Say – JASON DERULO


(4) 4. Down – JAY SEAN W/ LIL WAYNE

(10) 5. Tik Tok – KESHA

(6) 6. Sweet Dreams – BEYONCE

(7) 7. Evacuate The Dancefloor – CASCADA

(8) 8. Already Gone – KELLY CLARKSON

(5) 9. Party In The USA – MILEY CYRUS

(19) 10. Bad Romance – LADY GAGA

(12) 11. Fireflies – OWL CITY

(11) 12. Cha-Ching – HEDLEY

(16) 13. Meet Me Halfway – BLACK EYED PEAS

(-) 14. Replay – IYAZ

(14) 15. You Belong With Me – TAYLOR SWIFT

(9) 16. Run This Town – JAY-Z W/ RIHANNA & KANYE WEST

(13) 17. Use Somebody – KINGS OF LEON

(15) 18. Throw Your Hands Up – STEREOS W/ J PARIS

(20) 19. Rich Girl$ – DOWN WITH WEBSTER

(-) 20. Just One Time – JUSTIN BIEBER

PICK HIT: Russian Roulette – RIHANNA





(1) 1. Check My Brain – ALICE IN CHAINS (8th WK.)

(2) 2. Wheels – FOO FIGHTERS

(3) 3. Overcome – CREED

(4) 4. Break – THREE DAYS GRACE

(5) 5. All Over Me – DEFAULT

(6) 6. Devil On My Shoulder – BILLY TALENT

(11) 7. I Will Not Bow – BREAKING BENJAMIN

(7) 8. The Fixer – PEARL JAM

(10) 9. If You Only Knew – SHINEDOWN

(8) 10. New Divide – LINKIN PARK

(12) 11. Last Parade – MATTHEW GOOD

(14) 12. Awake – CRASH KARMA

(9) 13. She’s A Genius – JET

(13) 14. Whiskey Hangover – GODSMACK


(16) 16. East Jesus Nowhere – GREEN DAY

(15) 17. Sound Of Madness – SHINEDOWN

(17) 18. Burn It To The Ground – NICKELBACK

(-) 19. Spaceship – PUDDLE OF MUDD

(20) 20. Champagne – CAVO

PICK HIT: The End Is Where We Begin – OUR LADY PEACE



Hodgemail: More Leaf Bashing

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TSN posed a question a couple of days ago. I couldn’t resist.


“What Should Burke Do To Fix The Leafs?”


– Nothing. Accept the fact that the Leafs are a part of the worst sports city in North America. A .500 hockey team has more wins than the Leafs, Argos, Raptors and Jays combined. If anything, Burke should plan a parade if they can muster a week without losing. Either that or he should fold the team, and give the league a break from hearing about how much they stink.


The No-Star All-Stars

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Hey hockey fans…here it is..the list of the ten players that every team should have…and I am talking guys that won’t win the Hart, Vezina or Norris trophies…but, win the respect of players everywhere.

– Josh Harding, Minnesota. There may be better backup goalies in the league, but, unlike some of those other tenders, Harding has been with the Wild and starter Nik Backstrom for a number of years now. When called upon, he can steal the team a couple of points, which is hard to do on a team that is usually pressed to score.

– Anton Volchenkov, Ottawa. He is a force on the Senators’ blueline, and is one of those unique d-men who find a way to block shots, and clear zones. He has some added toughness and durability (for the most part) too. He is a player who has improved year after year, allowing Sens fans to forget about he departures of Redden, Pothier & Chara (well…maybe a little on the latter one).

– Zbynek Michalek, Phoenix. He is almost a carbon copy of Volchenkov. Michalek is a stalwart for the Coyotes, and another specialist in blocking shots and delivering hits. When he is out of the lineup, his prescence is almost missed instantly.

– Cal Clutterbuck, Minnesota. He is the league leader in hits. Not a terribly big player (5’11), but, one who always finishes his hits, and is an example for his team-mates. Doesn’t drop the mitts too often, but, can be a pest at times.

– Rick Rypien, Vancouver. Canuck fans already know about his value. He is a high energy player who will take on anyone in a fight, and usually comes out as the victor. He isn’t one of those loud-lippy scrappers, but, one who lets his actions on the ice speak for him. Chips in with timely goals too.

– Rod Brind’Amour, Carolina. Yes…he is beyond his years, his better years, and skates for maybe the worst team in the league, but, ‘Rod the Bod’ is always among the leaders in faceoffs, and every team wants a guy who can win the big faceoff at any big moment.

– Dustin Byfuglien, Chicago. He makes the list primarily on his size. By-foog-lee-in nevers scraps, is always yapping, and sit his arse in front of the other team’s goalie. Everyone wants a piece of him, but, he usually just skates away…and then comes back the next shift with a big goal. Canuck fans also know of his value.

– Jussi Jokinen, Carolina. Another player from the pathetic Canes makes the list, and I hate to put his name here, but, the reality is, shootout stars are an important part of any team now. He is the best of all-time (most goals anyway), and has finally shown that he contribute through 60 minutes too.

– Jordan Staal, Pittsburgh. Maybe a player that shouldn’t be on this list because of his star power, but, one that became a role player from his first year in the league. With Crosby & Malkin, it was evident that he wasn’t going to be the first or second choice to lead the power-play. Instead, he is one of the top checkers in the game, a penalty kill expert, and maybe on the best 3rd line in the league. And he scores on occasion too.

– Teemu Selanne, Anaheim. OK…this one really shouldn’t make the list as we all know of his Hall of Fame career, plus, he is one of my faves of all time. But the “Finnish Flash” is here based on his every day attitude. He is one of the most popular and positive players in hockey. The pure joy that Teemu continues to have to play the game should serve as a reminder for all players as to why they first started playing, and that attitude is one that probably rubs off on his team-mates.

…Obviously, that is just a sampling of the role players in the league, and there are many others who didn’t make the list from Kesler, to Madden, to Holmstrom, to Carcillo, but, 10 who can play on my team anytime, that is providing that I will get the chance to run a team. There is still hope Jet fans!




The Hall Calls

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The Hockey Hall of Fame welcomed 4 new players on Monday. Brett Hull, Steve Yzerman, Brian Leetch and Luc Robitaille. It just might be the greatest class ever inducted. Each of them is a Cup winner, and each has represented their countries as champions too. Great calls for the Hall…and here is my call on each.

Luc Robitaille – “Lucky” Luc was lucky indeed, although, isn’t it said that you have to make your own luck. He was one of those few guys who just had a knack to score. You would see replays where he was almost in the corner, yet he could somehow thread that puck to the back of the net. He wasn’t a great skater, wasn’t normally someone who could deke and shift his way through d-men, yet, he was there putting the puck in the back of the net. Off the ice, I loved watching interviews with Luc because he usually had a chuckle at some point. Definitely a guy who loved playing the game, and a guy who was embraced in California, which you normally don’t see from hockey players, aside from the Great One.

Steve Yzerman – Stevie Y was a marvel with the puck. Many people will remember him for his incredible leadership skills, but, I loved the way he could dangle, especially in those younger days. I remember one play where Stevie Y had the puck while the opponent had the goalie pulled. He was between his blue line and the centre line, and there was a d-man between him and the net. Rather than try and get to centre and fire the puck towards the gaping cage, Stevie Y simply flipped the puck over the d-man, and it glided into the empty net…smack dab in the middle. Not a play many would recall when talking about Yzerman, but, as a young hockey fan, I thought it was a cool way to get an empty netter. I also remember how he had pretty much 2 busted knees one playoff year, and he kept playing, and going into trouble areas, and coming away with the puck. He was a beaut, and another class act off the ice. I think many are hoping his legacy will continue this Winter as he tries to orchestrate a Gold Medal for Canada at the Olympics. I like his track record.

Brett Hull – The Golden Brett was a scoring phenom, even at a young age when he was playing junior right here in Penticton for the Knights. I remember people saying that he was one of the most laid back kids they had ever met. I think many figured his laid back attitude would be his downfall once he got to the NHL…but, they were wrong. I remember watching Hull and the Blues play a sad-sack Leafs team in the early 90’s on the tube, and remember that I was excited to see that game, because there was a chance you would get to see a light show. And usually, there was. Brett would usually score 2 to 3 goals, and it was a delight to see the Leafs get lit up. Because it was TSN, and the Leafs and Blues were in the same division, you would see 4 to 5 of those games a year. Brett also spoke his mind, which to me, I didn’t really like. He seemed to be an NHL diva at times, but then, that was Brett, calling it like it was, just like his old man. I must admit that his speech on Monday was the best of the bunch however.

Brian Leetch – Probably the 2nd greatest American born player of all time (Chelios would have to be number one). He was one of those gifted d-men that you knew would always put up big numbers in the regular season. Back in the 80’s and 90’s, there were a number of talented rearguards like that. I didn’t take him seriously until he was the anchor that won the Rangers the Cup in 94. He was simply the best. He led the entire playoffs in scoring, and was a warrior throughout. He was also superb while playing for the U.S. at the World Cup in 96, like Hull was.

With the NHL lockout a number of years ago, it seems that those great players from the 80’s and 90’s are retiring at a pretty fast rate, which is bad in one sense, having all of those legends gone from the game so quickly. It is a blessing however for the Hall of Fame, and makes those arguments for players that should be enshrined pretty heated. With that in mind…who should be in for next year? Nieuwendyk, Gilmour, Oates, Bure…let the chatter start now!


Charts Baby – Nov.7th

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(1) 1. Sexy Chick – DAVID GUETTA W/ AKON (2nd WK.)

(4) 2. Whatcha Say – JASON DERULO

(3) 3. Party In The USA – MILEY CYRUS

(2) 4. Down – JAY SEAN W/ LIL WAYNE


(5) 6. Run This Town – JAY-Z W/ RIHANNA & KANYE WEST

(7) 7. Sweet Dreams – BEYONCE

(6) 8. Use Somebody – KINGS OF LEON

(12) 9. Evacuate The Dancefloor – CASCADA

(9) 10. Cha-Ching – HEDLEY

(10) 11. You Belong With Me – TAYLOR SWIFT

(11) 12. Love Drunk – BOYS LIKE GIRLS

(14) 13. Already Gone – KELLY CLARKSON

(15) 14. Throw Your Hands Up – STEREOS W/ J PARIS

(20) 15. Fireflies – OWL CITY

(17) 16. Meet Me Halfway – BLACK EYED PEAS

(-) 17. Tik Tok – KESHA

(18) 18. Paparazzi – LADY GAGA

(19) 19. G-Get Up And Dance – FABER DRIVE

(-) 20. Rich Girl$ – DOWN WITH WEBSTER






(1) 1. Check My Brain – ALICE IN CHAINS (6th WK.)

(2) 2. Wheels – FOO FIGHTERS

(3) 3. Overcome – CREED

(4) 4. Break – THREE DAYS GRACE

(8) 5. All Over Me – DEFAULT

(6) 6. The Fixer – PEARL JAM

(5) 7. She’s A Genius – JET

(7) 8. New Divide – LINKIN PARK

(10) 9. Devil On My Shoulder – BILLY TALENT

(9) 10. Whiskey Hangover – GODSMACK

(12) 11. I Will Not Bow – BREAKING BENJAMIN

(14) 12. Last Parade – MATTHEW GOOD

(11) 13. Sound Of Madness – SHINEDOWN

(13) 14. Notion – KINGS OF LEON

(15) 15. Burn It To The Ground – NICKELBACK

(16) 16. If You Only Knew – SHINEDOWN

(17) 17. Welcome All Again – COLLECTIVE SOUL

(19) 18. East Jesus Nowhere – GREEN DAY

(-) 19. Still Unbroken – LYNYRD SKYNYRD

(20) 20. Champagne – CAVO



Drop The Bomb Already

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When it comes to sports, and following ‘your’ team, it is a lot easier to not care when ‘your’ team is losing…or at least that’s what you tell people. Being a Winnipeg Blue Bomber fan in the CFL, I spent a lot of this past season pretending that I was busy when a game was on, or, casually watching because I had other things going on. Well, half of that may be true, but, the other half still had me watching, and cheering, and cursing, and being frustrated, and usually in the same game. The Bombers were a hard team to follow, but, it was certainly easier to follow things on the field than off of it.

The team hired Mike Kelly in the off season as the new head coach. It looked promising in the ‘Peg, especially after the up and down seasons when Doug Berry was at the helm. The team did advance to the Grey Cup a couple of years ago…and there was a lot of buzz heading into the 08 season, but the team had many struggles, were ousted in the first round of the playoffs…and that turned out to be Berry’s demise.

So, back to Kelly. Right off the bat, the team struggled thanks to an inexperienced QB in Stefan Lefors. The first casualty was Derick Armstrong, a receiver who was among the top 10 the previous season. He was cut…and the gong show began. It continued with off season news that the Bombers would sign rejected NFL’er Pacman Jones. Thankfully, that move never materialized. Then a major trade with the Eskimos, one that would see another top notch receiver gone in Romby Bryant. Meanwhile, one of the top lineman in the game, Barrin Simpson was struggling a bit with turf toe, and that caused Kelly to put him on the 9 game disabled list. A struggling Simpson is still better than most players at his position. Somehow a reconciliation was made, and Simpson made it to the end of the season. That’s just a sampling of the crap that the team had to endure this season.

Sadly, this was a very talented team that needed a veteran prescence at QB for a shot to excel. The early season signing of Michael Bishop was a good one, and allowed the team to compete…but, let’s be quite honest, Kevin Glenn should have remained with the club. Even if he wasn’t starting, his experience would have gone a long way in helping out the stumblin’ Lefors.

That’s a lot of off season moves, non-moves, mid season trades, dumps and distractions. A coach with the combined DNA of Wally Buono and Ronny Lancaster couldn’t have lead this team to a playoff spot!

…And we can’t forget about the many post game tantrums that Mike Kelly threw, from swearing on radio shows to getting into arguments with other players. His actions were that of a child, and not that of a pro football coach. For that alone, he should be let go. The funny thing is…the most composed Kelly was…was during games. Unlike his predecessor Berry, who was a cranky old SOB while on the sideline, Kelly kept it seemingly together…and never showed a whole lot of emotion when a kicker went wide right, or out of bounds. Remember Coach Berry? I thought maybe Westwood or Serna were going to be executed following his sideline explosions!

So, does the axe fall strictly on Mike Kelly? No way, this team needs a new leader at the helm of the good ship Bomber, and that would cost Lyle Bauer his job. A full front office shuffle has to be done…and yes, that means Mike Kelly would be gone. Somehow, he is under the impression that his job is safe because they improved in a number of areas this past season. I think the only area that really counts is the one in the standings…and there ain’t no post season football in the ‘Peg this year. Changes NEED TO BE DONE! Not improving should be enough to prove my point. The proof is there. Bring in Milt Stegall, bring in Matt Dunigan, bring in the mascot, bring in someone…and drop the bomb already!


Team Canada 2010 – Period One

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Ok hockey fans. As anyone in our great country knows, the number one priority of any leader in this nation, is to put together the hockey team that will win Gold for Canada at the Vancouver Games. Sorry Prime Minister Harper…but, you ain’t Canada’s biggest leader right now…it’s Steve Yzerman…and we all know it! He has a little summit planned for tomorrow to discuss the team, and look ahead to a shortlist. I am sure he and his braintrust will take a peek at this team however.

Now the criteria. The last team for Canada placed a dismal 7th, and it’s because the Great Gretzky and his crew decided to play favorites. They looked back at the World Cup team that went undefeated in 2004. They picked guys from that team, instead of the guys that were hot in 2006! Those choices cost the team. A rookie Sidney Crosby, or a young and eager Jason Spezza are among those that should have been on the team. My team will have some of those players that are rolling right now. My team will also blend young and old, and extreme amounts of speed and offence. No offense to Robyn Regehr or Adam Foote…but, those type of players ain’t gonna make mine. So…here is period one of my team…the 2nd period comes up in a month…and the final period will be played the day before Stevie Y names his.


– Marc Andre Fleury, Pittsburgh. He may actually be the starter when the Games begin in February. He hasn’t slowed any since winning the Cup, and is probably the hottest Canadian goaltender right now.

– Roberto Luongo, Vancouver. He started slow, but, then he always does. I think it’s a given that he will be on this team, and it’s a given that he will be ready. He has done it before, many times, for his country.

– Steve Mason, Columbus. He was the rookie of the year, and some thought maybe the goalie of the year too. He is still leading the way for the Jackets, and deserves to at least be third stringer.


– Scott Niedermayer, Anaheim. He could be the captain this year, and despite his age, his wheels are still top notch.

– Chris Pronger, Philadelphia. He is one of the few shutdown d-men in the league, who can play tough, and deliver points too. As long as he can keep from getting burned by the OV’s of the games, he will be pivotal for Canada.

– Mike Green, Washington. He is this generations’ Paul Coffey. He is quick, can shoot, and will be the main offensive force from the backend.

– Drew Doughty, Los Angeles. He has been one of the top defencemen in the league so far, and is one of those young guns who has the game to play and contribute on the biggest stage.

– Shea Weber, Nashville. He has excelled for the country many times in his young career, and his shot and edge will be keys to our success.

– Dan Boyle, San Jose. Believe it or not, he is one of the more under-rated players in the league. We know he can put up numbers, but, is very dependable in his own, and should be a part of this team.

– Michael Del Zotto, New York Rangers. This one is way out there…WAY out there, but, if you look at the top players right now in the game…this rookie is among them. As a 7th d-man, he will be ready to roll if called upon (at least that’s what he told me).


– Sidney Crosby, Pittsburgh. We all know why.

– Joe Thornton, San Jose. This isn’t a long, drawn out 7 game series where Joe seems to struggle. I like his size and play-making skills, and he will have a pair of wingers to dish to, as opposed to the one, or one and a half he was in California.

– Mike Richards, Philadelphia. He really can do it all. He can score, he can check, and he can be mean. The perfect team Canada player.

– Jeff Carter, Philadelphia. He has started relatively slow, but, his speed, size and shot are what will get him on this team.

– Ryan Getzlaf, Anaheim. An off season injury has hampered his start, but, based on how he has progressed year after year, there is no doubt that he is the ‘next’ big centreman in Canada behind Sid the Kid.


– Rick Nash, Columbus. He may be the best player in hockey right now…and has always been stellar for Canada.

– Martin St. Louis, Tampa Bay. Year after year, ‘Mighty Mouse’, puts up the points. He is fast, he is always determined, and he is a winner. Should be on Canada.

– Dany Heatley, San Jose. Fans in Alberta may not be too keen on ‘Heater’, but, he is a pure scorer who can play in any situation, and is Canada’s greatest scorer of all time.

– Jarome Iginla, Calgary. He is traditionally a slow starter, but, is a force despite being on the most over-rated team in the NHL. (sorry Flames fans). Is there any hockey fan who wouldn’t want Iggy on their team? I didn’t think so.

– Ryan Smyth, Los Angeles. Formerly known as Captain Canada, he is healthy and playing incredible in this young season. If he can put up big numbers with Kopitar and Williams, wait ’til he is playing with big Joe or Sid.

– Mike Cammalleri, Montreal. He is the Marc Savard of Canadian wingers. He really doesn’t get the respect he deserves. He has a great release, is quick down low, and wants to win. You can’t argue with his numbers.

– James Neal, Dallas. Now is the time where I add some players who are performing now. As much as team-mate Brenden Morrow is probably considered more to be on the team, Neal is a young buck who is healthy, and one who should provide a little more offence than Morrow.

– Dustin Penner, Edmonton. This is the kicker of all my picks. He has under-achieved ever since he landed in Edmonton, but, his numbers are a reflection of his desire to be better, tougher, and mentally strong. If he is still rolling in late December, he should be on the team.


So, there is period one of my team. Now, for those not on the team:

– Martin Brodeur, New Jersey. I am sorry…but, as of right now, he isn’t among Canada’s top goalies.

– Dion Phaneuf & Jay Bouwmeester, Calgary. I have seen games this year where each has been the hero…but, also games where they have been goats. Consistency will be needed in the next couple of months to make it.

– Lecavalier, Doan, Stamkos etc. Some of our regular suspects aren’t playing up to par, or some have to prove that they can keep it up all season. The team could change considerably in the next 2 months…but, if the tourny started tomorrow…that’s the team I would ice!

Love it or leave it bee-atches! (except for you Mr. Yzerman…)