20 Babes On The Boob, Part 2

In TV Trash on November 3, 2009 by geespotting

OK…You saw 20-11, now it’s the top 10 babes on the boob:

10. Liz Vassey. This CSI mainstay should have her own show. She is the primo lady in the CSI franchise (I think there are 32 now).


9. Katherine Heigl. You know who she is. You have seen her on the big screen, but, can’t get enough of her on the small screen. Izzy…come back to Seattle please!


8. Taylor Schilling. She is one of TV’s newest stars, starring as the messed up, beer drinking, angst ridden nurse on Mercy. Now that’s hot.


7. Jessica Lowndes. This 90210 babe has had a baby, an overdose and acting gigs, all before grade 12. Sounds pretty normal to me. And she likes to sing the National Anthems at LA Kings’ games…that’s right, she goes to hockey games!


6. Eliza Dushko. FOX has cast her in 3 shows already…they can’t seem to get enough…and neither can we. Hmmm…wonder if there is a spot for her on Idol after Dollhouse is turfed?


5. Gillian Jacobs. I don’t know what it is about this one. It might be her big blue eyes, or that little nose…or the fact that she is smokin’. Catch Gillian on NBC’s new comedy Community.


4. Hayden Panettiere. She is Claire on Heroes. She is the cheerleader that needed saving to save the world. She was saved, and so were we.


3. Kate Walsh. She first waltzed onto the tube with those long legs, those sultry eyebrows and the flowing red hair. She was McSteamy and McDreamy all in one. It was too hot for Grey’s, so, now she has her own Private Practice.


2. Blake Lively. She is Serena, and she is hot, and you know you love her…XO XO…


1. Jennifer Love Hewitt. If you know me, then you know why. She was the lovely, and innocent, and pure Sarah on Party of Five…and now she tames Ghosts. The award will probably be changed to the “Jennifer Love Hewitts”



Alright…cool list? That concludes the Fall version. The list may change in the Winter of 2010 as we will surely welcome some “Lost” ladies, and maybe include the letter “V”, and see what our buddy “Chuck” has to say!


2 Responses to “20 Babes On The Boob, Part 2”

  1. I called it! I knew it was gonna be Hewitt!

    Hey, have other people been making comments too? How come I can’t see them?


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