Drop The Bomb Already

In The Rest Of It on November 10, 2009 by geespotting

When it comes to sports, and following ‘your’ team, it is a lot easier to not care when ‘your’ team is losing…or at least that’s what you tell people. Being a Winnipeg Blue Bomber fan in the CFL, I spent a lot of this past season pretending that I was busy when a game was on, or, casually watching because I had other things going on. Well, half of that may be true, but, the other half still had me watching, and cheering, and cursing, and being frustrated, and usually in the same game. The Bombers were a hard team to follow, but, it was certainly easier to follow things on the field than off of it.

The team hired Mike Kelly in the off season as the new head coach. It looked promising in the ‘Peg, especially after the up and down seasons when Doug Berry was at the helm. The team did advance to the Grey Cup a couple of years ago…and there was a lot of buzz heading into the 08 season, but the team had many struggles, were ousted in the first round of the playoffs…and that turned out to be Berry’s demise.

So, back to Kelly. Right off the bat, the team struggled thanks to an inexperienced QB in Stefan Lefors. The first casualty was Derick Armstrong, a receiver who was among the top 10 the previous season. He was cut…and the gong show began. It continued with off season news that the Bombers would sign rejected NFL’er Pacman Jones. Thankfully, that move never materialized. Then a major trade with the Eskimos, one that would see another top notch receiver gone in Romby Bryant. Meanwhile, one of the top lineman in the game, Barrin Simpson was struggling a bit with turf toe, and that caused Kelly to put him on the 9 game disabled list. A struggling Simpson is still better than most players at his position. Somehow a reconciliation was made, and Simpson made it to the end of the season. That’s just a sampling of the crap that the team had to endure this season.

Sadly, this was a very talented team that needed a veteran prescence at QB for a shot to excel. The early season signing of Michael Bishop was a good one, and allowed the team to compete…but, let’s be quite honest, Kevin Glenn should have remained with the club. Even if he wasn’t starting, his experience would have gone a long way in helping out the stumblin’ Lefors.

That’s a lot of off season moves, non-moves, mid season trades, dumps and distractions. A coach with the combined DNA of Wally Buono and Ronny Lancaster couldn’t have lead this team to a playoff spot!

…And we can’t forget about the many post game tantrums that Mike Kelly threw, from swearing on radio shows to getting into arguments with other players. His actions were that of a child, and not that of a pro football coach. For that alone, he should be let go. The funny thing is…the most composed Kelly was…was during games. Unlike his predecessor Berry, who was a cranky old SOB while on the sideline, Kelly kept it seemingly together…and never showed a whole lot of emotion when a kicker went wide right, or out of bounds. Remember Coach Berry? I thought maybe Westwood or Serna were going to be executed following his sideline explosions!

So, does the axe fall strictly on Mike Kelly? No way, this team needs a new leader at the helm of the good ship Bomber, and that would cost Lyle Bauer his job. A full front office shuffle has to be done…and yes, that means Mike Kelly would be gone. Somehow, he is under the impression that his job is safe because they improved in a number of areas this past season. I think the only area that really counts is the one in the standings…and there ain’t no post season football in the ‘Peg this year. Changes NEED TO BE DONE! Not improving should be enough to prove my point. The proof is there. Bring in Milt Stegall, bring in Matt Dunigan, bring in the mascot, bring in someone…and drop the bomb already!


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