The No-Star All-Stars

In Hockey Hits on November 19, 2009 by geespotting

Hey hockey fans…here it is..the list of the ten players that every team should have…and I am talking guys that won’t win the Hart, Vezina or Norris trophies…but, win the respect of players everywhere.

– Josh Harding, Minnesota. There may be better backup goalies in the league, but, unlike some of those other tenders, Harding has been with the Wild and starter Nik Backstrom for a number of years now. When called upon, he can steal the team a couple of points, which is hard to do on a team that is usually pressed to score.

– Anton Volchenkov, Ottawa. He is a force on the Senators’ blueline, and is one of those unique d-men who find a way to block shots, and clear zones. He has some added toughness and durability (for the most part) too. He is a player who has improved year after year, allowing Sens fans to forget about he departures of Redden, Pothier & Chara (well…maybe a little on the latter one).

– Zbynek Michalek, Phoenix. He is almost a carbon copy of Volchenkov. Michalek is a stalwart for the Coyotes, and another specialist in blocking shots and delivering hits. When he is out of the lineup, his prescence is almost missed instantly.

– Cal Clutterbuck, Minnesota. He is the league leader in hits. Not a terribly big player (5’11), but, one who always finishes his hits, and is an example for his team-mates. Doesn’t drop the mitts too often, but, can be a pest at times.

– Rick Rypien, Vancouver. Canuck fans already know about his value. He is a high energy player who will take on anyone in a fight, and usually comes out as the victor. He isn’t one of those loud-lippy scrappers, but, one who lets his actions on the ice speak for him. Chips in with timely goals too.

– Rod Brind’Amour, Carolina. Yes…he is beyond his years, his better years, and skates for maybe the worst team in the league, but, ‘Rod the Bod’ is always among the leaders in faceoffs, and every team wants a guy who can win the big faceoff at any big moment.

– Dustin Byfuglien, Chicago. He makes the list primarily on his size. By-foog-lee-in nevers scraps, is always yapping, and sit his arse in front of the other team’s goalie. Everyone wants a piece of him, but, he usually just skates away…and then comes back the next shift with a big goal. Canuck fans also know of his value.

– Jussi Jokinen, Carolina. Another player from the pathetic Canes makes the list, and I hate to put his name here, but, the reality is, shootout stars are an important part of any team now. He is the best of all-time (most goals anyway), and has finally shown that he contribute through 60 minutes too.

– Jordan Staal, Pittsburgh. Maybe a player that shouldn’t be on this list because of his star power, but, one that became a role player from his first year in the league. With Crosby & Malkin, it was evident that he wasn’t going to be the first or second choice to lead the power-play. Instead, he is one of the top checkers in the game, a penalty kill expert, and maybe on the best 3rd line in the league. And he scores on occasion too.

– Teemu Selanne, Anaheim. OK…this one really shouldn’t make the list as we all know of his Hall of Fame career, plus, he is one of my faves of all time. But the “Finnish Flash” is here based on his every day attitude. He is one of the most popular and positive players in hockey. The pure joy that Teemu continues to have to play the game should serve as a reminder for all players as to why they first started playing, and that attitude is one that probably rubs off on his team-mates.

…Obviously, that is just a sampling of the role players in the league, and there are many others who didn’t make the list from Kesler, to Madden, to Holmstrom, to Carcillo, but, 10 who can play on my team anytime, that is providing that I will get the chance to run a team. There is still hope Jet fans!




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