Team Canada 2010 – Period Three

In Hockey Hits on December 31, 2009 by geespotting

Alright…it is after the fact, but, to be quite honest…I didn’t change my team from period two at all! So, let’s compare my team to that of Stevie Y. You will notice that our players that differ will be in CAPS. Got it!


My guys: Brodeur, Luongo, Fleury.

Stevie Y: the above 3.

Comments: I think everyone across the country had those three. They are the best 3, and Martin should and will start. If he falters, Bobby Lou would be next to backstop our nation to a golden celebration.


My guys: Niedermayer, Pronger, Keith, Weber, Boyle, Doughty, GREEN.

Stevie Y: Niedermayer, Pronger, Keith, Weber, Boyle, Doughty, SEABROOK.

Comments: Again, Stevie Y and I were on the same page, but, I liked the offensive skills that Mike Green brings to the table. He is usually criticized for the way he plays in his own end, but, given the fact that his role on the Caps is that of a rover, it is no surprise that he is caught once in a while. Despite that…he still has pretty good plus-minus numbers. As for Seabrook, I know that the Team Canada brass likes the way he plays with fellow Olympian Duncan Keith in Chicago. They are a great pair…but, I wanted the best of the best…and not the best pairings. Seabrook is a great player, but, if Keith were to get hurt, I hope Seabrook can pair up with another d-man and do it very quickly. Catch my drift on that one?


My guys:  Crosby, Iginla, Nash, Getzlaf, Perry, Thornton, Marleau, Heatley, ST. LOUIS, BRAD RICHARDS, PENNER, STAMKOS, CAMMALLERI.

Stevie Y: Crosby, Iginla, Nash, Getzlaf, Perry, Thornton, Marelau, Heatley, MORROW, MIKE RICHARDS, TOEWS, ERIC STAAL, BERGERON.

Comments: Well, we were off on 5 different forwards. The first 8 are pretty obvious, and nice to see that Team Canada thinks the entire top line from the Sharks should be there. On their own, each of those three snipers should be on the team. My philosophy was to pick the players that are hot right now. Last time in 2006, Canada picked a lot of guys based on their reputation, but, it back-fired in a big way. I also wanted guys that could skate. Guys like St. Louis, Cammalleri, Stamkos and even big Dustin Penner are great skaters. I also wanted to make sure to have enough natural wingers and centres.

As for Stevie Y? Well, they added maybe a little more grit than I have up front. Mike Richards and Brenden Morrow fit that bill, but, I am a bit worried about Morrow’s skating. I guess the NHL sized ice will help. I also noticed that Team Canada has a ton of centres on their squad. I think there at least 7! Maybe Stevie Y looked back at the great Canadian Canada Cup teams of the 80’s were a ton of centremen made the club, but, they became wingers and checkers. Speaking of checking, I kinda don’t like the philosophy of having a ‘checking line’. I guess there will be a group of three who may not play as often as some of the other forwards, but, if they use their skills like they do in the NHL, they should still own the puck, and therefore not be ‘checking’ as much. Our fourth line should be just as dominant as any other on the team…or in the tourny for that matter. The only line that can challenge that claim is the one that will Ovechkin on it. Chances are, that Ovechkin line may also have a Malkin, Datsyuk, or Kovalchuk on it.

To wrap up…whether Stevie Y and I differ on 1 player or 10, we should still be the frontrunners to win this little Olympic event. If Team Canada could ice a 2nd team for the tourny, I would even bet that they could win a medal.

No pressure guys…


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