Buzz Beater – Mon. Jan.11th

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…What a freakin’ cool name, huh? Kidding…just kidding.


– Ok, Leno is moving to 11:30 come mid February. NBC’s prime time experiment has failed. That means that his new 30 minute show will bump Conan to midnight…and Fallon to 1am. That’s what we kinda know already.

– Now the buzz beater. It looks like FOX is very close to wooing Conan away from NBC to give him his own show at 11. (Fox doesn’t do news at 11, so, Conan would get the head start). That would mean Fallon would drop down to midnight on NBC, and a new show with David Hasselhoff would come up at 1. Hasselhoff has just left “America’s Got Talent” because he wants to start his own show. Voila! “Take Hoff For The Night” is the tentative title.

– More buzz beater. It was announced earlier today that this season will be the last for Simon Cowell on “American Idol”. He is also slated to get his own show, but, it will still be on FOX. “Cat Cowells” would follow up Conan, and would be kind of an odd format. It would mark the return to late night TV for former FOX star Arsenio Hall, who would be back in the form of Cowell’s hand-slapping, fist pumping, whoot whooting sidekick. It would also feature Paula Abdul leading a dance troupe every night to start the show, as opposed to the traditional bands that kick off most late night gabfests now.

– This is a story that is certainly going to be providing with us more details in the next few weeks, and I will be here to bust it down for you! Poor Johnny must be dizzy!


…yeah, it is brilliant, isn’t it?


– Box Office top 5:

5. It’s Complicated

4. Daybreakers

3. Alvin & The Chimpmunks: The Squeakquel

2. Sherlock Holmes

1. Avatar (4th record setting weekend at number one)



– CHUCK. Did you see the 2 hour premiere last night? If you like light hearted TV, then check Chuck. This season the Seth Cohen clone has super-spy powers, and that means he can actually fight his own battles, but, will do so in an Inspector Clouseau fashion, which means tons of laughs for the viewers. His hot Sister is back, and her hubby Awesome, as well as Morgan, and Chuck’s partner Sarah. The on again, off again struggles will continue, at least I have been told.

– HEROES. Remember when the show first debuted…and the first storyline involved Sylar going after Claire? You know…the hushed “save the cheerleader, save the world”  campaign. Well, Sylar and Claire are going to be reunited, but, will he be there to merely slit open her forehead, or will he be there to woo her into the mysterious world of the carnival, or, will he just want to get some cheerleader tail? Find out tonight my friends, find out tonight!

***CHICK ALERT>>>CHICK ALERT. It is the 2nd show of the Bachelor, Riding On Wings OF Love. Tonight, the Bachelor, will have 15 nutjobs to deal with, and he WILL marry one of them. That has been your CHICK ALERT>>>CHICK ALERT***

HOCKEY PICK – Light night in the bigs…but, the Canucks host Nashville tonight in one of 4 games. It is a later 7:30 start as the Nucks try to bounce back from a shootout loss to Calgary on Saturday. I wish Jordin Tootoo were in the lineup for the Preds…would make for a great battle with Ricky Rypien. Crosby fans can watch the Pens and Wild at 5 bells tonight.


– Hollywood loves their super-hero flicks, and so do we. Here is an update on the “Green Lantern” with Canadian and Ben Affleck wannabe Ryan Reynolds. His new love interest in the upcoming movie will be none other than Serena from Gossip Girl…Blake Lively. “Is that a green glowstick in your pants, or are you happy that it’s Blake Lively?”  Look for Matt Dillon to play Shazaam in a “Shazaam vs. Superman” movie that will be coming our way in the next few years. Let’s list the big ten movie superheroes of all time.

10. Michael Chiklis (Thor)

9. Vinnie Chase (Aquaman)

8. Adam West (Batman)

7. Edward Norton (Hulk)

6. Halle Berry (Catwoman)

5. Tobey Maguire (Spiderman)

4. Hugh Jackman (Wolverine)

3. Robert Downey Jr. (Ironman)

2. Christopher Reeve (Superman)

1. Christian Bale (Batman)

– That concludes Buzz Beater everyone. It will continue to be most riveting, and with all truths, and no sarcasms, and will return tomorrow, or the day after, but, probably tomorrow. Hmmm…do you smell salad suckers?!





2 Responses to “Buzz Beater – Mon. Jan.11th”

  1. all i know is that you and heath tait should team up for a video.

    – fonzie

  2. thanks for the love Fonzie! I embrace it, and look forward to more. that vid idea would be a treat!

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