Buzz Beater – Wed. Jan.13th

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…no, really, it is a name that suggests so much!


– So, Canuck forward Alex Burrows got into a bit of trouble recently. He spoke his mind to the media about some bad ref’ing, and it cost him some dough. I think $2,500 was the setback, which would be like discarding $50 for us. In other words, a night out on the town. If you ask the Edmonton Oilers about that, they say dinner costs more, especially in Calgary, but, that’s another story!

– Now the buzz beater. We all know that if you say stuff about refs in pro sports, that is gonna ’cause some grief. That’s the way it goes. But in this case,  Burrows and the Canucks have a case, one that the NHL is going to look into. To be quite honest, to get everyone to stop talking about it, they have to look into it. The calls were awful, and this isn’t the first time that this ref in question (Auger) has had issues with players. He accused one of the class acts of the NHL of a racial slur (Shane Doan of them Coyotes), and has apparently told Burrows that he was going to make him pay for diving. This has to be looked into.

– More buzz beater. Alain Vigneault, head coach of the Nucks, has stated that players berating the refs in post game scrums will not be tolerated. It is an issue for the team to bring up with the NHL, and not the media. He did mention however that if players can muster up back to back hat-tricks, then they would be void of any punishment. I guess Burrow (no s on the end…that’s how Vigneault says it) is lucky…this time…


Click on the link below and it has all the info on the upcoming Survivor…..





…It is a “Heroes vs. Villians” all-star edition. Russell is back, along with other faves like Cobly, Amanda, Parvarti, Coach & Boston Rob!


– Top 5 Pop Songs (Sat. Jan.9th)

5. Sexy Chick – DAVID GUETTA & AKON

4. Fireflies – OWL CITY

3. Bad Romance – LADY GAGA

2. Tik Tok – KE$HA

1. Replay – IYAZ


Tonight –

– AMERICAN IDOL. The premiere was last night with auditions from Boston. Same ole schtick for Idol, with a run-down of the really bad singers…the ones who you aren’t sure if they are all there or not. Then there were the good ones, and their stories of parents with disorders, or beating cancer, or walking through lava, and how they were able to overcome all of that it and get to the audition…and then get the ‘gold’ ticket for Hollywood. Heartwarming stuff, but, not as heartwarming as the comments from Posh Spice. She managed to fill the vacant role of Paula to a tee, with her comments about…”you look good though”…”I really like your outfit” and on and on. She still looks pretty good though…if you get beyond all of her makeup. I hope Beckham will bend it better next time…and yes…apparently they will be a next time. Let’s hope Canadian stars Shania and Avril have a bit more to say. Tonight, it’s 90 minutes of auditions in Atlanta.

– COUGAR TOWN. I actually like this little sitcom with Courtney Cox Arquette. She still looks good…for a cougar anyway, and is going to be back for another season after ABC made that announcement earlier this week. Not sure if Phoebe is back on tonight, but, I am looking forward to May sweeps when a new love interest will enter, a Canadian guy named Matthew Perry. I think there could be some chemistry there.

CHICK ALERT>>>CHICK ALERT. That Grey’s Anatomy wannabe Mercy is back tonight. Look for Dawson of Dawson Creek to join the cast soon, playing a smug doctor who will drill a nurse or two. It could be any of the nurses, as long as it isn’t the one played by Michelle Trachtenberg. Please leave her be.  That has been your CHICK ALERT>>>CHICK ALERT

HOCKEY PICK – You got just a few minutes before the Nucks are on the ice in Minny to take on the Wild. 4pm start on Sportsnet…and then head over to TSN for the Sidney Crosby Wild West Show. Sid and the Pens are in Calgary for a 6:30 faceoff.


– 2 days ago I e-chatted about superheroes, and listed the top ten. Well, number 5 on that list…and number 5 in your hearts is no more. That’s right, it was announced that Spiderman is no more, well at least with Tobey Maguire. Creative differences means that a new Spidey is on the way. It will be a prelude to the ones we know. It will be high school Spidey. So, here is a list of the top 10 candidates to play a young Peter Parker. Actually, forget that, how about a top 10 list of the potential Mary Janes!

 10. Kristen Stewart

9. Ashley Benson

8. Rachel Bilson

7. Brittany Snow

6. Megan Fox

5. Blake Lively

4. Ashley Tisdale

3. Laura Vandervoot

2. Maggie Grace

1. Hayden Panettiere

…She has some experience in the super-hero genre…That does edition two of the Buzz Beater. Riveting, huh?


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