At The Games – Mon. Feb.15th

In At the Games Baby on February 15, 2010 by geespotting

Here is the latest from the Games, after day three:


– Yesterday the Summerland native spoke about her moguls experience the night before. She said that she wanted to give the fans a show, so, after her fall, she put on her ski, took a few moments to compose herself, and delivered a remarkable finish. She also mentioned that she will take a step back for a moment before deciding her future, and the future could include the next Winter Games in 4 years in Russia. She also mentioned that she is at the peak of her career right now. She was so close, and we are all so proud!


– It was an exciting finish yesterday, and a chance to watch 3 legends. Cindy Klassen, the celebrated Canadian Olympian back at it after 2 knee surgeries. She started off in a blaze much to the delight of the fans, and put on a great show. Clara Hughes was next and also had a great skate. Kristina Groves skated in the 2nd to last group, and her time stood up as 3rd best garnering Canada it’s 2nd medal at the Games. For the most part, that competition went accoring to plan in the women’s 3,ooo metres.


– I mentioned the day before that if Ryan Getzlaf was to make Canada’s hockey team, not only would he have had to play last night against Edmonton, but, he would have to perform well too. No worries folks, Getlaf SHOULD be in. He had 4 points and was the best player on the ice as the Ducks pounded the Oil 7-3. Team Canada has just one practice today before they open the tourny tomorrow afternoon against Norway.


– YES! It happened last night as Alex was the first Canadian ever to win Gold at home. I don’t think he was the first choice for a lot of people to do it, but, he was the best in the men’s freestyle moguls competition. Like Hannah Kearney the night before for the Americans, Alex was simply too good in his final run. His jumps were incredible, and his speed was un-matched down the hill. He was very gracious in doing his first post Gold interview, and you can tell that this is an athlete that will always cherish this moment. It turned out to be an amazing run for the Canadian moguls team, who had 3 finish in the top 5!


– The U.S. is still out in the top spot with 6 medals so far. There have been some surprises for the Americans, so, they really could be in the top position for awhile…if not the whole Games. I saw Blair Underwood at Cypress, and his U.S. colors were on full display.


Medal expectations so far: 2

Medals: 3

– The women’s 3,ooo metre went according to plan with Groves winning a bronze for Canada. Despite Bilodeau winning Gold, and being a medal contender, projections did not have Canada winning a Medal in that event…and we succeeded with the Gold!

…Today, some alpine skiing is in order…and maybe another medal!

…At the Winter Games in Vancouver…that’s Geespotting!


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