At The Games – Tue. Feb.16th

In At the Games Baby on February 18, 2010 by geespotting

On the Games, after Day Four:


– It was a day that started with great promise, as many Canadians were pumped at the prospect of Gold from Manuel Paradis-Osbourne. Unfortunately, the tiniest of tiny mistakes can not only cost you a medal in this sport…but, can actually leave you right out of the leaderboard entirely. That was the case for Paradis-Osbourne. He was obviously disappointed in his finish out of the top ten…but, seemed relatively satisfied with the fact that in a one-shot deal, you might just not have the race you wanted. The course held up despite the fact that it had been slick and icy in training. Up next, the ladies downhill, and the potential of a much anticipated Lindsey Vohn run. Hmmm…wonder if she will suffer the same fate as Paradis-Osbourne.


– Another Canadian star is born as Mike Richardson takes Silver in the very exciting men’s snowboard cross. If you haven’t seen this sport, watch it tomorrow when the ladies take part. You head down the course, the top times are put into groups of four. You race down the hill, and the top 2 advance from each group. You go through the quarters, semis and then into the final. It’s a sport where wipeouts are often, and a sport where the front-runners can be eliminated in mere seconds. That happened in this sport, and Canadian Richardson has a hearbeat away from Gold when American Seth Westcott (not favored after winning 4 years ago) came from behind and won Gold. In accepting his honor, Richardson was calm and cool, and seemingly non-chalant. Another win, and we get set for the ladies where a Canadian is favored to win in a medal with Maelle Ricker.


– Sadly, it wasn’t the performance to be for Wotherspoon. Jeremy is one of the greatest long track skaters of all time…yet has never won Gold at the Olympics. I really didn’t think he had a shot, but, if you were to watch CTV/TSN, the buildup would have brainwashed you into thinking that he was the 2nd coming of Goliath. They compared him to American Dan Jansen, who came back at an Olympics from yester-year to win Gold when he wasn’t favored. Those movie scripts only happen once…unless it’s a movie script. If he had just skated on his own terms, it may have been a tad more satisfying than the garbage lead-in that our tv stations aired. Canadians weren’t a factor in this race, but, Denny Morrison of Fort St. John should have a shot in the days to come.


– Some concern for Team Canada after a dismal 10-1 win over the Swiss. After setting records in an 18-0 blitzing of Slovakia earlier, a 9 goal win is cause for anxiety. Here is hoping Canada can get back to it’s routine, and get back to really, really, really, really pummeling it’s opponents!


– The U.S. continue to lead all countries with 8 medals…and this still with some of their super-stars still to compete in Lindsay Vohn, Shani Davis, and Shaun White.


Medal expectations so far: 3

Medals: 4

– Canada still one up on it’s projections after Mike Richardson’s unexpected Silver at the snowboard cross, while, Manny Paradis-Osbourne failed to reach the podium in downhill skiing.

…It’s all about the hockey today…and Canada’s quest for Gold.

…At the Winter Games in Vancouver, that’s Geespotting!


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