At The Games – Thu. Feb.18th

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Here is the scoop from the Games, after the sixth day:


– The 3 highest profile athletes from the U.S. were all in action, all dominated, and all won Gold. After complaining of a shin injury leading into the Games, Lindsey Vonn won the ladies downhill after an impressive performance. Shani Davis picked up his first Gold with a huge skate in the men’s 1000, and it was even easier for snowboarder Shawn White, who had the Gold wrapped up before his final performance, which turned out to be for show.


– It was her 20th birthday, and the ladies 500 short-track was to be a chance to gain some experience. Watch some of her team-mates, and take something from these Games for her trip to Russia in 2014. Not the case, Marianne was one of 2 Canadians to make the Final, and she skated good enough for Silver, which has to be a Gold for any skater considering that Wang Meng of China is the ‘Gretzky’ of her sport. She wasn’t favored to even make the final…and not even among the best in her country, but, as always the case in short-track skating…you never know what will happen. For Canadians, just another daily hero in these Games!


– She was to be the face of the Canadian women’s short-track team, but, failed to make the final. The B final saw Kalyna win rather easily, giving her a 5th place finish. 3 Canadians in the top 5, but, only one medal. With other distances still to come, the hope is that she can surprise ala Marianne St. Gelais, and maybe win a medal when not expected to. There is still redemption for Kalyna in the 3,ooo metre relay, where Canada will skate off with China, Korea, and the U.S.



– A dominating performance for the Finns, a team lead by veterans for the most part. The Belarussians had just 12 shots on goal, and Teemu Selanne had an assist to tie the all-time Olympic mark for points. It’s a feat that will be his before the Games are done.

STARS – 1. Mikko Koivu, FIN. (3 assists)

2. Niklas Hagman, FIN. (2 goals)

3. Valtteri Filppula, FIN. (1 goal)


– For the defending Olympic champs, a good test to start the tourny. The Swedes couldn’t muster up too offence, thanks in part to the aggresive play of the Germans. Germany should be one of the teams vying for a top 8 finish.

STARS 1. Henrik Lundqvist, SWE. (21 saves for the shutout)

2. Matthias Ohlund, SWE. (game winning goal)

3. Thomas Greiss, GER. (23 saves in losing cause)


– The first ‘big 7’ battle of the tourny, and the rivalry that is Czech o Slovakia. As in previous tournaments however, it was the Czechs who were better. In any given year, no matter how talented and dominant the Slovaks may be, beating Team Czech has always been almost impossible.

STARS 1. Tomas Vokoun, CZE. (34 saves)

2. Jaromir Jagr, CZE. (Goal and assist)

3. Marian Gaborik, SLO. (1 goal)


– The United States is back out in front after giving up the lead for one day to the Germans. After multiple Golds through the day, the Yanks now have 14 total medals to lead the way.


Medal expectations so far: 6

Medals: 6

– Denny Morrison was favored to win a medal (Bronze or Silver) in the men’s 1,000 but, had a poor skate. Kalyna Roberge was favored in short track 500 for the ladies, but, also failed. Marianne St. Gelais made up for it with her Silver win.

– From the Games in the ‘Couv, that’s Geespotting.


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