At The Games – Mon. Feb.22nd

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A full 10 days in the book…here’s the loop da scoop from the Games. I thought I saw Boner at the Cecil…but, then I thought…’why would a washed up former child star be at a strip club?’ It just doesn’t happen anymore…


– His story is an odd one indeed. From Vail, Colorado, Del Bosco was a part of the U.S. ski team until he was given the boot off of the team. He loved to party and was found passed out in a ditch with a broken neck after a bender. He tested positive for pot, and that ultimately led to his demise with the Yanks. Marijuana use? Hey…no problem…we will pick him up here in Canada. It didn’t go exactly like that, but, Del Bosco (at the urging of his Sister) hit rehab, and hit the slopes again for Canada. His comeback story is one of the big ones of the Games, and he had a chance for Gold in ski-cross. He started off slowly in the Final, and was sitting in 3rd spot before the 2nd to last jump…but, took a spill, finished 4th, and lost out on a much anticipated medal. That just sounds too familiar these Games for Canada.


– Another medal for Groves, a Silver in the ladies 1,500 long track. She has been easily the most consistent of our skaters in any discipline. Here is hoping that she can help our ladies in the team pursuit garner another medal. As for Christine Nesbitt, she started out very well, but, couldn’t hold it for the last lap, and placed 6th.


– The best Canadian story of day ten was the original dance of figure skating. Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir were in second spot, but, their dance was spot on, and vaulted them into the top position, and a chance for a Gold medal later today! Considering that 2 American pairs are also in the running, it would be a nice change to beat the Yanks!


– I had mentioned previously the best Canadian story of the day. This one is easily the worst of the Games for Canada, as Joannie’s Mom passed away upon arriving in Vancouver to watch her daughter compete. Within hours of being in Vancouver, Therese had a massive heart attack that would claim her life. Within hours of that tragedy, Joannie announced that she will compete in ladies figure skating. Just to see Joannie on ice, at the Games, could be the moment for Canada, regardless of how many medals we acquire the rest of the way.



– The first of 3 games on a day described as Super Sunday. Each of the matchups would determine top spot in each group, and determine who would get a bye into the quarter-finals. Also interesting that each game represented a re-match of the last 3 Gold Medal Games. In this one, the Russians avenged their 98 loss to the Czechs with the win, and top spot in the group.

STARS 1. Evgeni Malkin, RUS. (2 goals, 1 assist)

2. Pavel Datsyuk, RUS. (1 goal, 1 assist)

3. Tomas Vokoun, CZE. (28 saves)


– The aftermath of this game has been the fact that the Canadians lost at home to the U.S. It was the most watched event ever on Canadian TV, and everyone is in a state of shock after this one. Not so fast folks. We had 45 shots on goal, and still had plenty of room to improve on. Their goalie won them the game, and our goalie made a couple of costly mistakes. It doesn’t matter that Canada will play an extra game, and it doesn’t matter that we may play the Russians in the quarters. At this point of the tourny, any of the teams in the quarters are worthy opponents. That was Canada’s mulligan. If we lose again, then we can start the finger pointing, and the ‘what’s wrong with our game?’ statements. For now…I still like our chances!

STARS 1. Ryan Miller, U.S. (42 saves)

2. Brian Rafalski, U.S. (2 goals, 1 assist)

3. Jonathon Toews, CAN. (2 assists)


– This battle for top spot wasn’t really much of a battle. Unlike the first 2 games of the day, this score was flattering for the Fins, who had a great performance from Miikka Kiprusoff to keep them in the game. Despite the loss, the Finns nail down a bye into the quarters by finising 4th. The U.S. gets the number one seed, followed by Sweden, and then the Russians. Canada gets the 6th spot, and a game tomorrow against Germany.

STARS 1. Nicklas Backstrom, SWE. (1 goal, 2 assists)

2. Loui Eriksson, SWE. (2 goals)

3. Henrik Lundqvist, SWE. (20 saves, shutout)


– The U.S. continues to lead the way with 24 medals, but, a good day for the Germans have moved them up to 18, and just 6 back.


Medal expectations so far: 15

Medals: 9

– We went 1 for 3 with the Groves Silver yesterday…but, also expected medals from Chris Del Bosco & Christine Nesbitt. A win by Canada’s womens team today will guarantee as a medal for the final, and a medal (hopefully Gold) on track for the figure skating team of Virtue & Moir.

…At the Games in Vancouver, that’s Geespotting. Rick Rock, sheet shot, Faux Rox.


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