At The Games – Tue. Feb.23rd

In At the Games Baby on February 23, 2010 by geespotting

11 down, and here is the latest from the Games, that are on in Vancouver. There is snow in them there hills today too. Here is the rundown:


– Ahh, yes, a sight to see as a pair of young Canadians make Olympic history, and do so at the expense of the U.S. For the first time ever, a North American pair have won Gold at ice dancing. Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir were virtually flawless as they skated past their buddies from the U.S. to achieve the feat last night. In addition to that little piece of history, they are also the youngest couple to ever win this event. So, without looking too far ahead, it is possible that this team is around to win in 4 years in Russia, and then 4 years after that too!


– No upsets this Olympics in women’s hockey as the showdown for Gold features the 2 bitter rivals. The U.S. were bounced 4 years ago in the semis by the Swedes, but, not this time as they rolled to a 9-1 win. For Canada, the Finns were a stronger opponent, thanks in part to their goaltender, but a 5-0 win vaults them into the Gold medal game Thursday afternoon.


– In the short history of the women’s hockey event, no other player has scored more often than Canada’s Agosta. That may be a suprise based on some of the lopsided scores from previous games, and some of the stars that have graced the ice from the U.S. and Canada. Agosta has scored an incredible 9 times so far, and I guessing she will be the first to hit double digits when she will score on Thursday, and will score a goal that will be key to a Canadian victory. That’s what I am guessing anyway.


– I don’t expect any suprises in the qualifying games today as the Swiss, Czechs, Slovaks, and Canadians should all advance to the quarters. I don’t expect a close one between Canada and the Germans, but, then these Games haven’t been what we have expected…at least here in Canada. That being said…a Canada-Russia quarter will once again put hockey at the top of the Olympic headlines. The limb I am going out on is rather big…stunning, isn’t it?


– For all but one of the days of these Games, the U.S. has led the charge. That hasn’t changed, but, the Germans are marching back. The Yanks now have 25 medals, while Germany sits 4 back.


Medal expectations so far: 16

Medals: 10

– As expected Virtue and Moir medalled for Canada, although, many thought maybe a Silver was coming their way. Ski cross for the ladies should garner another one, and possibly two today!

…Off to watch the hockey…and back tomorrow for geespotting! Oye til then.


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