At The Games – Wed. Feb.24th

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A dozen days now in the past, the Winter Games move into the home stretch. Just as you think you have heard Nikki Yanofsky’s “I Believe” a thousand too many times…you yearn to hear it again with the slow motion depictions of a Canadian celebrating a medal win. Here is how we saw things:


– The playoff round is next, and between our 2 Canadian rinks, just one loss. Is it possible to win Gold on both counts? Based on how many close games there were, it won’t be easy, but, it is near! Hurry hard!


– First of all…when it comes to the darlings, the sweethearts, the hotties of the games…shut it down! For Lindsey Vonn lovers, please give me Ashley! She is a cross between Rebecca De Mornay, Jewel and a 21 year old Janet Jones. Oh yeah…she can ski cross too! She dominated from qualifying and through all her races, finishing with the Gold Medal. Number 6 too!


– With Summerland having Kristi Richards and Justin Kripps, and Penticton laying claim to Duncan Keith, Kelsey is from down the road in Kelowna. She performed admirably in ski-cross, and should have been in the final, and standing along Ashley McIvor for a medal. It was just another, in a long line of too close for comfort for finishes…meaning utter discomfort for Canadians everywhere.


– After the short program, this is the one time where Canadians won’t care so much about a medal contender winning. In an already emotionally packed coliseum, and in a sport that demands so much of it’s competitors, the tears that followed Joannie’s skate were tears of joy, tears of relief, tears of grief, tears that every Canadian felt. For this young lady to keep it together almost the entire time, and to skate with such grace and maturity, it was a moment for the Games, and not just Canada.


– She is young, and early in what will be a great figure skating career, but, it may be safe to say that she could go on to be the best ever? This girl doesn’t make mistakes, and isn’t fazed by anything. Who is Brian Boitano coaching these days? No Brian Battle this time.


– 4 qualifying games and surprises every game but one. For Canadians, hope that the one game is the start of no more suprises!


– Actually, despite Belarus losing in a shootout to the favored Swiss, this one played out close, and close to what a lot of people had predicted. Instead of Jonas Hiller stealing the show, it was Andrei Mezin for Belarus.

STARS 1. Andrei Mezin, BEL. (40 saves)

2. Romano Lemm, SWI. (Shootout winner)

3. Jonas Hiller, SWI. (2o saves)


– For Canada, a big win, and big because they were able to take hold of the game early, and then focus on gel-ling, coming together, and putting forward some much needed momentum for the Russians, and hopefully, the rest of the tourny!

STARS 1. Eric Staal, CAN. (3 assists)

2. Jarome Iginla, CAN. (2 goals)

3. Mike Richards, CAN. (goal and assist)


– The Czechs had the early lead, then lost Jaromir Jagr, and their good buddy ‘mo’. The Latvians hung around and hung around, and scored, and scored again, and almost pulled off another Olympic miracle before David Krejci ended it in OT.

STARS 1. Edgars Masalskis, LAT. (47 saves)

2. David Krejci, CZE. (goal, assist, ot winner, 7 shots)

3. Thomas Fleischman, CZE. (goal and assist)


– This game started on an ugly note as Slovak Lubo Bartecko was nailed by Norway’s Ole Kristian Tollefson with a vicious elbow. Bartecko fell to the ice, and with his helmet already knocked off, he hit his head on the ice, and was lying in his own pool of blood. It was a game misconduct for Tollefson, and for Bartecko, a probable end to this tourny. On the ensuing 5 minute PP, the Slovaks scored twice, and looked to be on their way to a whitewash. Not the case, as another unheard of goalie almost stole another game. Not to be.

STARS 1. Marian Gaborik, SLO. (goal, assist, 9 shots)

2. Pal Grotnes, NOR. (36 saves)

3. Richard Zednik, SLO. (goal, assist)

– Up next the quarters, and these matchups:

1. U.S. vs. 8. Switzerland

2. Sweden vs. 7. Slovakia

3. Russian vs. 6. Canada

4. Finland vs. 5. Czechs.

…there may be a few folks watching, talking, breathing, and living that Canada game. It’s at 4:30 for those just awakening from comas.


– Yankee Doodle Dandy still leading the hit parade at 26-23 over the Germans. Another field goal, and we got a horse race!


Medal expectations so far: 18

Medals: 11

– 1 for 2 this day as Canada was expected to nab a pair in ladies ski-cross.

…Time for the Tim Horton’s trip, and then watch a hockey game. Hope my blood pressure can stand it. That’s Geespotting at the Games…c’mon back now!


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