At The Games – Fri. Feb.26th

In At the Games Baby on March 1, 2010 by geespotting

Closing in on the final few days of the Games. Here is the Thursday wrap:


– As expected, both the men & women have secured spots in the finals with victories on Thursday. On the ladies side, it’s Sweden and Canada in the final, and the same Swedish team that won Gold 4 years ago. Many thought that the Chinese may get that shot against Canada, but, the Swedes trounced that possibility with a 9-4 semis win. On the men’s side, Kevin Martin’s much aniticipated show-down with Great Britian will not happen after the Brits failed to make the semi’s. Canada will now battle Norway, and their colourful pants.


– Canada is once again atop the hockey world…on the ladies side after blanking the Americans 2-0. In an odd Canadian tradition, it was a rookie goalie who led the way, and got the goose-egg too.


– She is Canada’s Golden Girl…and not because of a certain coloured medal. Joannie received the bronze, like she was predicted to do, but, it was her courage that makes her Golden. Her free skate wasn’t as perfect as her short program, but, only a couple of mistakes were not enough to keep her off the podium. It was pretty much a given that Kim Yu-Na would win Gold, and Mao Asada would be Silver, but, for the week that Joannie had, and to be able to conquer a medal…remarkable! A proud Olympic moment for the history books.


– Not sure of their count at this point…but, still top spot for Yankee Doodle Dandy.


Medal expectations so far: 22

Medals: 17

– 2 for 2 for Canada with the women’s hockey team and Joannie Rochette picking up medals.

…Go to go…semi final hockey showdowns to come…that’s Geespotting at the Games…!!!!


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