And The Award Goes To…VEZINA

In Hockey Hits on April 18, 2010 by geespotting

Hey gang…

…All season long, I have been tracking the NHL’s awards month by month. Like the NHL in revealing nominess for this year’s awards, I will do likewise, but a day before the league does. So, tonight, it’s the Award Tracker for the Vezina.


Miller was in top spot for this award for just about each and every month. He was the only number one goalie to finish in the top 5 in each of the big 3 categories for goalies: save percentage, goals against and wins. He is the reason why the Sabres won their division, and the reason why the U.S. almost won the Gold Medal at the Olympics (although, that will have no bearing on the vote). He is giving everyone reason to believe that he is FINALLY the next big Yankee goaltender, following in the footsteps of guys like Tom Barrasso and Mike Richter. He is the winner.

RUNNER UP: Ilya Bryzgalov, PHOENIX

– For the same reasons I choose Miller, I mention Bryzgalov in the same breath. He is the reason why the Coyotes are in the playoffs for the first time since 2002. He is the reason why they could surprise a few people too. He had a couple of stumbles along the way (believe me, I know, having watched more Coyote games than any other team), and is why he is runner up.


– Any one of these two will probably round out the 3rd nominee for the award. Rask turned around the Bruin’s fortunes in the second half of the season, and stole the number one job from last year’s Vezina holder, Tim Thomas. Look for a Calder nomination too for Rask. Brodeur could nab that final spot as he played a full season as opposed to Rask. Brodeur was healthy this year, and was almost back to his old self. The Devils won the division, and it was like old times with Lemaire, Brodeur, Rolston, and a Niedermayer.

– So, there is the first installment. Tomorrow, a look at the top defensive forwards, and the award finale for the Selke!


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