And The Award Goes To…LADY BYNG

In Hockey Hits on April 20, 2010 by geespotting

Well, didn’t fare too well today with the Selke picks. Went 1 for 3 with Jordan Staal being the only one to make the list. Guess I can’t be surprised at defending champ Pavel Datsyuk being there, or Ryan Kesler of the Canucks (although, I though Burrows was more worthy). As for the Byng…here it is:


Marty has never won this award, despite being a nominee before. This is his year. No player in the league plays at such a high and intense level of hockey, without the PM’s, than Marty does. 12 pm’s this year…and a 6th place finish in the scoring race. “Mighty Mouse” plays it hard, and clean, and should finally win.

RUNNER UP: Brad Richards, DALLAS

– It was a comeback year of sorts for Richards, who had his best season in Dallas, and his best since winning the Byng over 5 years ago. Just like his former linemate in St. Louis, Richards was among the top 10 in scoring…with just 14 penalty minutes.


– For some fans in the NHL, Kane is among the least favorite players. He plays with a smirk, and his dangling mouthguard, and likes to celebrate goals with the best of ’em. Despite that smug demeanor on ice, Patrick rarely gets into too much trouble with opponents. He had his best season yet, a top 10 finish, with just 20 pm’s. As for Marleau, you must think I love this guy with a nod for the Selke and the Byng, but, Marleau put up incredible numbers (top 5 in goals), and was in the penalty box for just 22 pm’s to finish with an HM.

– So, that’s how the Byng will play it…in my sportsmanlike eyes. Tomorrow, I will preview one of the biggies with the Norris nominees.


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