And The Award Goes To…NORRIS

In Hockey Hits on April 22, 2010 by geespotting

Alright, the Calder nominations were out earlier today…and once again…a Red Wing was NOT on my list. Tyler Myers (my pick to win) and Matt Duchene were nominated, as was Wings tender Jimmy Howard. I opted for Tuukka Rask in that category. How ’bout the top d-men in the league? Here is how that stacks up:


Yes, he is from Penticton, B.C. (where I am from) but, no bias here, as he was the top blue-liner all season long. His point totals were among the tops for d-men, and he is one part of probably the best duos in the league, along with Brent Seabrook. Keith’s game has improved each and every year that he has been in the league, but, this year was leaps and bounds as far as improvement is concerned. His speed is what makes him the premier player he is, and that first pass out of his zone is usually bang on.


– The kid is in his 2nd year, is just 20, and shows the poise of a Chris Pronger or Zdeno Chara. His sense of the game is unbelievable, and his puck-handling skills are second to none. He is the leader on the PP for the young Kings, and isn’t afraid to throw a big hit, or get involved physically. He will win this award one of these years…maybe the next one!


– Hard to argue with Green when he has the puck…but, the argument usually is what he does without it. His numbers are big on a big team, and once again was the leading scorer among all d-men. He also has nice plus/minus digits, and is a threat to score whenever on the ice. His game (in his own end) has improved a ton from last year too. Dan Boyle could easily win this award too, with his all-around game in California. He registers big minutes (PP, PK) and is has great vision too. Ask Thornton, Marleau, Heatley etc. about that.

…So, there you have the top 4 defenceman this year…and all from Canada. No Chara or Lidstrom this year…at least according to my list. Next week, I will wrap up my picks with Adams (top coach) and Hart (MVP) awards.


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