And The Award Goes To…ADAMS

In Hockey Hits on April 27, 2010 by geespotting

Just 2 more big awards to be announced. First…I was able to pick the 3 d-men nominated for the Norris…and all from Canada. Duncan Keith is my pick to win it, followed by Drew Doughty and Mike Green. All 3 were nominated. Here is a peek at the top bench boss of the season:


He was named head coach of the Coyotes just one week before the season was to begin. He had the task of guiding a team that didn’t even know if they would finish the season, or even start it in the desert. Many said they would finish dead last. No one gave them a chance. Coach Tippett had a plan though. A number of the young stars to be for Phoenix were sent to the minors to work on working on their game. He added some veteran leadership, had a star goalie, and launched this team into the post season for the first time in 8 years! He changed the style and system of this team almost overnight…and everyone bought into it. There is no way that he can’t be named Coach of the Year!


– Another coach who was able to guide his team back into the post-season. The Kings do have a young team, but, were able to gel and put up some of the best regular season numbers in the team’s history. Murray’s patience and leadership behind the bench was a major contributor to this team’s resurgence. He was also able to get the most out of his young stars as players like Kopitar, Quick, Brown and Doughty took immense strides this season, and should continue to do so over what should be great careers.


…For Sacco, it was first year as an NHL head coach, and motivated maybe the youngest team in the league to a playoff spot. The Avs always attack fast and hard, and Sacco made stars of young players like Duchene, Stewart and O’Reilly. For much of the season, those skaters acted as players with 10 years of NHL experience under their belts, and that has to attributed to the teachings of Sacco. As for Ruff, he has to have some credit for year after year finding ways to get the Sabres into the playoffs. Obviously, most of that credit should go to goalie Ryan Miller, but, the Sabres seem to lose one or two decent free agent players season after season, yet Lindy gets the most out of his team, and this season a division crown.

…So, there is a peek at the top coaches this season, and tomorrow a look at the NHL’s “Best Picture Oscar Award”…the Hart Trophy. Will some super-star forwards be on the list, some special goalies, and a little Swedish touch? I will let you know tomorrow!


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