And The Award Goes To…HART

In Hockey Hits on April 29, 2010 by geespotting

Alright, one more major award to get to. Yesterday, I was able to predict 2 of the 3 nominees for coach of the year in Dave Tippett and Joe Sacco, but, left off the under-rated Barry Trotz in Nashville. Here is a look at the picks for league MVP:


…This might come as a suprise to some, but, there was no player that was more consistent through the regular season than Hank! Even when his Brother Daniel went down to injury, Henrik’s point pace did not change, and he was able to lead the Canucks to another division title. The Canucks had a number of key injuries throughout the season, and also endured the longest road trip in NHL history. Not to mention, that Henrik was a key member of Sweden at the Olympics in Vancouver. The fact that he was able to outscore super snipers Ovechkin and Crosby, and the huge supporting casts they have is another big factor in Henrik being the MVP!


…Like Sedin, Miller was easily the most consistent goaltender all season long. For a team that seemed to be goal deprived, Miller kept them in a ton of games, and won just as many as Buffalo rolled to the division title.


…For the first time in his already legendary career, Sid the Kid was a goal-scoring phenom, and shared the Rocket Richard trophy with Steven Stamkos from Tampa Bay. It was a season in Pittsburgh filled with key injuries (Malkin, Gonchar, Fleury) as those aforementioned players missed a fair amount of time, but, Crosby and the Pens kept pace in the East. Crosby almost rallied to win the Art Ross Trophy by scoring 5 points in the regular season finale. The Coyotes were the story of the NHL season, and the main reason they finally made the playoffs had to be the play of the Bryz. He alone probably won more games by himself than anyone else in the league. That is the reason why he will be considered for this award.

– There you have it…my picks to click for 2009/2010. Still to come, a full review of the 1st round of the playoffs and round two predictions!


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