Cup Predictions – Round Two

In Hockey Hits on April 29, 2010 by geespotting

Alright, here is a look at what to expect for round two. As for round one, I scored 6 right out of 8. Yes…I DID pick the predictions of Philly and Montreal upsetting the Devils and Caps respectively. The 2 I got wrong were the Sabres/Bruins series, which is upetting considering I picked Buff to go to the final. The other one wrong was the Coyotes and Wings…which did go to game 7, but, my Desert Dogs were dismissed by Detroit! Here is round two:



– I think that the Habs Stanley Cup was won in the first round. I don’t expect this to be a long series, even if Jaroslav Halak stands on his head again! The Pens are much stronger in their back-end and in goal than Washington was. In addition, I don’t think guys like Crosby, Gonchar, Malkin etc. will be messed with mentally like the Caps were in their series against Halak. PENGUINS IN 5.


– This should be a long series, and a tough one too. Expect the Flyers to key in on Zdeno Chara, and the Bruins to do likewise on Chris Pronger. Tuukka Rask will be better than Marty Brodeur was, and the Bruins will get the added boost of Marc Savard returning. The Flyers have a strong team, and could pull off the win, but, without Jeff Carter and Simon Gagne, it will be hard. Some people forget that this Bruin team is the same one that won the East last year (remove Phil Kessel). BRUINS IN 7.



– Even though I had the Sharks moving on to round two, and the Wings being upset by the Coyotes, I believe the Motor City will advance in this one. It was a long tough series with the Coyotes, but, I think the Wings, and their franchise players are on a roll. Even if the Sharks turn this into a track meet with all of their offensive power, the experience of the Red Wing role players will be the key to their moving on. In addition, there is nothing to suggest that the likes of Joe Thornton, Patty Marleau or Dany Heatley will get rolling. It’s the same broken record come playoff time for those regular season scoring machines. I don’t think goaltending will be too much of an issue in this one. WINGS IN 6.


– This promises to be the best 2nd round matchup, and a rematch of a pretty memorable round two battle from last season. I think it will be a long one, a tough one, and one that just might be a tad nasty! The Hawks have a ton of depth at foward and on defense. The key will be how Anti Niemi handles the banging around that will happen in front of him courtesy of Bernier, Burrows, Kesler etc. On the other hand, the Hawks will do the same to Luongo. Canuck fans know who Dustin Byfuglien is because of his net prescence last year. In the end, home ice, young wheels, and more depth will mean BLACKHAWKS IN 7.

…Should be another great 2nd round. Watch for the daily updates too.


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