The Cup Baby – Day 16

In Hockey Hits on May 2, 2010 by geespotting

Ok…two weeks in, and now into round two:


(5)  DETROIT  3  AT  (1)  SAN JOSE  4.


…After a tough 7 game series with Phoenix, the Wings probably found out early Wednesday morning that they would have to travel West almost immediately for their game one in San Jose the following night. It showed early as the Sharks had the jump and an early lead. Detroit did fight back however, but, it was too little too late, and San Jose takes game one in what should be a long series. We know that the Wings top players will show up, but, it is still questionable for the Sharks and the big trio. Actually, game one featured just a pair as Patrick Marleau was injured, and questionable for game two. Just like in round one, it was Joe who paced the Shark’s attack, ‘little’ Joe that would be. Another 2 goals for Joe Pavelski, and another San Jose victory. Here is yet ANOTHER game winner from Joe:

STARS 1. Joe Pavelski, S.J. 2. Johan Franzen, DET. 3. Dan Boyle, S.J.

– Up next, the first game in the East between the Habs and Pens.


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