the Hockey Comeback

In Hockey Hits on September 27, 2010 by geespotting

Ok, it has been awhile, no doubt. The computer crashed, and it failed me miserably during the playoffs. I will stop all seaches for nrop. I will attempt this thing called the comeback…and I will comeback in a big way. There may be the odd list of babes on the boob, or another sport, such as football or tennis, but, for the most part, the focus will be on hockey, the great game. So, what does a new season mean to geespotting? Well, here is a run-down of the next 10 days anyway.

1. Daily previews of each division. I will start out East, and have predictions and analysis of each team, and throw in some pool picks too.

2. In a week, I will move into the player predictions, who will win each award etc.

3. Once that is all done, I will run down how the season will unfold in terms of geespotting. What to expect each hockey day etc.

…It is a challenge, but, it starts with a comeback, so, comeback, and check it all out tomorrow when we start the preview.

That’s Geespotting…and all will be Ducky again.


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