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– So, Blake & Erica were the latest to be sent packing. No surprise as they were pretty much the only couple who weren’t really a couple, despite the efforts of Erica to change that. Blake was kinda stunned that Holly didn’t save him…but, she gave him a note stating that her heart was breaking and that they would see each other soon. The things people will do for love…or, is that money. The ‘explosive’ (Chris Harrison’s words) finale is next week.


– It’s top 10 night tonight, w/ 4 acts advancing to the finale. I actually thought that it would all end tomorrow…but, not the case, as NBC is like any network in dragging out a ratings reality hit. I like little Anna Graceman, the cycling brothers and Illimunate as 3 to move onto the final. Reminder…in case you can’t get to the tube tonight…the whole gang will be tweeting. Believe me…you will hear all about it tonight.


– Yep, it’s official now. If you cheat on Jennifer Lopez, you will be without a job. TNT has cancelled the show after 3 seasons, meaning that Jada Pinkett Smith can return to her family…and Marc Anthony can return to his mediocore life, the one he had pre-Lopez.


– Sunday, September 18th marks the debut of “Cover Me Canada” on CBC. Yes, it’s another musical talent show, but, this one has a Can-Con twist. It’s a competition for groups, duos & solo artists covering classic Canadian cuts. Nicole Appleton from the bands Appleton and All Saints will be the host, & celebrity judges include Deborah Cox & Jordan Knight from the New Kids On the Block. I am guessing that members of Soul Decision were busy, leaving J-K from the NKOTB as the only logical replacement. I like the idea and concept and can’t wait for some of the covers, although I am a little skeptical as to what we will hear of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’, considering that every American feels the need to try that song on all of their reality shows.


– Bodog has the goods on this year’s cast, and Elisabetta Canalis is the odds on favorite at 9-2. Hope Solo is 5-1, Kristin Cavallari 11-2, Carson…uh..forget the rest…that’s really I could muster.


– The new season of ‘The Amazing Race’ will feature former ‘Survivor’ winners Ethan Zohn & Jenna Morasca. Zohn is a true survivor in the sense of the word, after having battled Hodgkin’s lymphoma. His girfriend Jenna actually left an ‘All-Stars: Survivor’  season after having a bad feeling about her Mom. That feeling came true, as she made it back to the States to be w/ her Mom, who eventually lost her battle w/ Cancer. Ethan & Jenna will be a ‘Survivor’ team you want to cheer for in the race, based on their life stories. A previous ‘Race’ saw ‘Boston Rob’ and his wife Amber compete.


– The new season is a little over a week away, and will feature 2 former favorites (for very different reasons) in the competitive Ozzy and the ‘out-there’ warrior Coach. Also, Russell Hantz will be represented…as his nephew will compete. The ‘Redemption Island’ twist is back, and it debuts on CBS next Wednesday after the Big Brother finale. Here is one of Russell’s not so finest moments:


– Jane Curtin (Kate & Allie, SNL) 64.

– Jeff Foxworthy (Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?) 53.

– Idris Elba (The Office) 39.

– Justin Whalin (Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman) 37.

– 1958: Steve McQueen hits the small screen playing the lead in the series ‘Wanted: Dead Or Alive’.

– 1966: The sci-fi classic ‘Star Trek’ debuts on NBC.


– Ok, I like Zooey Deschanel, but, not sure how she will do trying to carry this Fox comedy. She plays ‘Jess’ a geeky 20 something who moves in with 3 single guys after she goes through a break-up. She is naive, and not one to have a lot of guys who are friends, yet, she always sees the best in everyone and everything. So, what kind of trouble will she get into w/ her 3 guy friends? For some reason, I see this as a lazy attempt to to be a softer version of “The Big Bang Theory”. Will I watch this new one? Not likely. Will you? Take a peek:


– What show ended it’s run in 1971 after over 200 shows & 9 seasons? It has a legendary theme song, and shares part of it’s name w/ a very popular California zip code? Answer? You will see it next time.


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