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– The top ten were narrowed down to a final four, and include the dance groups Team Illuminate and Silhouettes, the young pop band Poplyfe and the old school Sinatra style singer Landau Eugene Murpy Jr. Murphy edged out my fave, 11 year old Anna Graceman in the last decision of the night. Take a peek:


– Adam, of all people, won the veto competition, and decided to do…absolutely nothing! He kept Kalia and Porsche on the block. Adam voted to evict Kalia, Jordan seem undecided in her choice, and went w/ Porsche. That left it a 1-1 tie, and Rachel had no problem in using the deciding vote on Kalia, and sent her packing. The show ended w/ the head of household competition, and a 2nd straight win for Adam! Tonight…yet another houseguest is evicted…on Big Brother!


– With the Summer season winding down (Monday officially kicks off the Fall season), CBS was the top-rated network this past week, w/ a big thanks to Big Brother. America’s Got Talent was number one (as it has been all Summer long), while re-runs of NCIS & the L.A. version were 2 and 3. Big Brother was 4th, followed by Bachelor Pad, to wrap up the top 5 as far as network shows go.


– Goran Visjnic, best know for his role on ER, is about set to fly the friendly skies w/ the new show Pan-Am. He will join the cast for four episodes later this Fall playing a Yugoslavian diplomat, who is looking for a brighter future in the Western world. He will get involved w/ one of the stewardesses, which should be no surprise, as it seems that the entire storyline of this program will centre more around hook ups that anything else. The mile high club will be crowded!


– As his new show X-Factor is about set to debut, Simon Cowell is dishing some dirt, including the fact that he actually went on a date with…Denise Richards! He said it was a bit of a blind date…but, it didn’t work out, as she showed up w/ a dog in her handbag…and was 8 months pregnant! Who knew that there would actually be a sick degrees of separation w/ Chuckles Sheen! Simon also went on to say that he has always been fascinated w/ Paula Abdul, and that she is someone w/ a good heart! Well, depending on the amount of pills Paula has popped, I would beg to differ about the good heart part…but, then I am not a doctor. I don’t even play one on TV.


– It’s not a new ‘model’ per say…but, a new model of the show. Molly Sims, who has been in TV’s ‘Las Vegas’…and that’s about it, is set to host the spinoff show ‘Project Accessory’. This show should be a ratings stealer, as 12 contestants will create…accessories. I can only imagine what kind of drama we will see…broken tiaras…papercuts…faulty glueguns…bring it on…beeaaaaatttttccccccccchhhhhheeeeeeees!


– Ben & Jerry’s ice cream has announced a new flavor…’Schweddy Balls’. Yep…it’s based on the Alec Baldwin Holiday skit on SNL…one of my favorites of all time. It will include some rum balls, malt balls, vanilla and should be sweet & sticky, just like Schweddy’s Balls. There was talk of adding Schweddy’s nuts, but, that is just too much for any one person to handle, would almost be like a juggling act. Enjoy!


– Heather Thomas (‘The Fall Guy’ w/ Lee Majors) 54.

– David Arquette (on new season of ‘Dancing With The Stars) 40.

– Jonathan Taylor Thomas (yesterday’s BRAIN BUSTER – Randy on ‘Home Improvement) 30.

1966: ‘Star Trek’ debuts on NBC w/ the 1st episode titled “The Man Trap”.

1986: ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ has it’s syndicated U.S. debut.


– It’s ‘Ghost Whisperer’ meets ‘ER’! Well, not quite, but, in a nutshell, a surgeon who has lost his wife sees her re-appear with advice on how to be a better person, and voila, he is transformed! The show has the good doctor having to deal with his ‘living’ family, and of course, his ‘ghostly’ wife. I am not too sure about this one…so, my verdict may be the skip on this one. Patrick Wilson from movies like “Watchmen” and “A-Team” plays the lead role. Take a look:


– What Oscar nominated actress will turn 31 tomorrow? She got her start on a popular 90’s TV show that pretty much shares the same name w/ a B.C. city. Answer? Next time!


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