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– One show to go, as Head of Household’er Adam decided to keep Rachel safe…yes…RACHEL…and put up Jordan and Porsche for eviction. In the veto competition, the usually dim-witted Porsche won a thinking contest, yes…PORSCHE…and took herself off the block. So, with only four remaining, that meant Rachel went on the block with Jordan, and Porsche cast the only vote & sent former champ Jordan packing. The 90 minute finale is coming up on Wednesday, and will start with part one of the 3 part Head of Household competition. The winner will be able to decide his/her opponent for the jury, who will cast votes to decide the winner. Got all that?


– It’s the series finale of one of my favorite shows, Entourage. Here is what we know so far: Things should end well for Turtle, an instant millionaire, thanks to Vince, who was looking out for one of his buddies, behind his back. Drama is getting his show back with Andrew Dice-Clay, so, all is good there. As for E…well, the gang is going to try and talk to Sloane in the hopes she will take him back in their on-off again relationship. As for Ari, will he ever get back his wife? We will find out tonight, and we will know the fate of Vince, who looks to be ready to take a huge step in his attempts to win love. Here is a very quick tease:



– If you are watching the ‘Pad’, you know that Holly had to send home Blake last episode. She slipped him a note on his way out, saying that her heart was breaking, and she hoped they would meet again. Well, they have met, and are engaged! Apparently, the two are planning their wedding. It was awkward enough on the show that Holly’s ex fiance Michael was actually there. Wonder what the reunion will be like tomorrow with the 3 of them there?


– Last night marked the big comedy roast of Charlie Sheen. The show was taped and will feature an odd group of roasters. Listen to this lineup: William Shatner, Kate Walsh (have no idea  how she knows Charlie…must have been some private practice some time ago), Mike Tyson (always a joy to listen to ‘Iron Mike’ try to piece together sentences), Steve-O of ‘Jackass’  misfortune, Jon Lovitz? and even Slash will be there. The show will air on Comedy Central September 19th…the same night in which his character is killed off of ‘Two and A Half Men’.


– Speaking of Charlie Sheen, his ex Denise Richards recently sounded off…but, not about ‘good times’ Chuck. Instead, she issued a release to dispute what Simon Cowell had said earlier this week about their one time date together. Denise said that she was at a dinner with 8 people, and Simon was there, and that’s it! She said that if she was being set up on a blind date…no one told her! She also stated that she wished someone had told her…because Simon is a hot piece of ass! What is with Simon and the sex factor? The chicks dig him and his tight tee’s.


– Award winning Aaron Sorkin has a new show coming to HBO. Jeff Daniels will play a cable news anchor w/ his boss being Sam Waterston. The drama will feature a lot of dialogue, ala ‘The West Wing’, one of his biggest creations.  No title, and no release yet.


– It sounds like Sam Poueu from the ‘Biggest Loser’ will be alright after falling from a building. He is in critical condition w/ a pelvic injury, torn ligaments, a punctured lung & a broken leg! Despite being in critical condition, he can recognize visitors & is getting better. No word on where or how he fell, and no one else has weighed in yet on his condition.


– Anderson Cooper will have actor Gerard Depardieu on his show to talk about the actor & how he pissed in the aisle of a flight recently. The actor’s actions caused Cooper to have a hysterical breakdown on his show, one which would turn into a giggle-fest, a complete 360 from his usual on air behavoiur. Remember?


– Michelle Williams  (BRAIN BUSTER from Thursday – Dawson’s Creek) 31 this past Friday.

– Tom Wopat (Luke Duke on Dukes of Hazzard) 60 this past Friday.

– Harry Connick Jr. (singer & actor – Leo on Will and Grace) 44 today.

1975 Sep.9th: Welcome Back Kotter debuts on ABC.

1955 Sep.10th – Gunsmoke debuts on CBS.

1993 Sep.10th – The X-Files makes it’s debut.


– Ok, the premiere is a ways away…but, at that point, the bad will  have been weeded out of many of the networks Fall start. So, ‘Grimm’ may be a good replacement for some out there. It is based on the ‘Grimm’s Fairy Tales’ and is about a detective who discovers that he is descended from a group known as ‘the Grimms’. Their sole purpose is to keep some sort of balance between humans, and the mythical creatures that roam the world. How do you know that this is a fantasy show? It’s on a Friday…of course. I am still in the middle of whether or not I will watch this one. Take a look:


– What TV show has it’s debut anniversary on Monday, September 12th from 1966? This show was an Emmy winner, and actually spawned a slew of top 10 hits, and had many people going ape over it. Name it. Answer next time.



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