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– The final four performed one last time, as we gear up for tonight’s finale. Who should win? I think Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. should. Who will win? Something tells me it will be Team Illuminate, which is OK, as they really do have a unique show to offer to Vegas along the lines of Cirque Du Soleil and the Blue Man Group. An odd ending, as NBC had to fill the last 10 minutes w/ some highlights from this season because Silhouettes weren’t ready to go. The show ended a couple of minutes late, stealing a page from how FOX runs American Idol.



– It was the series finale of one of my favorite shows of all time. We already knew that Turtle was a millionaire, and that Drama got his TV series back. What was new w/ the ending? Vince decided to get married to Sophia…and was heading to Paris…that night! E got back together w/ Sloane, so that they could raise their baby together, and Ari quit the agency…just up and quit, and took his family to live in Italy! It was actually a pretty cool wrap…but, after the credits rolled, we saw a last scene with Ari and his wife in Italy…a scene that is obviously paving the way for the much talked about ‘Entourage’ movie! Take a look:



– A look at the top rated shows last week shows the debut of NFL Football dominating the ratings…and shows NBC as the top network. Football was number one, with NBC’s ‘America’s Got Talent’ in 2nd spot, followed by ‘9-11: 10 Years Later’ and rounding out the top 5 re-runs of ‘NCIS’ and the L.A. version. Things should change a bit next week w/ a number of networks rolling out their Fall season this week.


– Twentieth Century Fox is donating 1 million bucks to music education group in the U.S. They will divide it among 73 schools, each getting some dough between $10,000 to $50,ooo. The DVD release of season number 2 of ‘Glee’ is the reason, and people will have a shot at voting on why their school deserves to win. That second season is out now.


– More from Simon Cowell, who is really putting himself out there these days. Hmmm…he must have a show debuting sometime soon. He says that if ‘American Idol’ wins the Emmy this Sunday for best reality show, he should get all the credit. Well, he & Paula should get it for all their years of building the show. So far, ‘Idol’ is 0 for 8 in that competition, and rivals Susan Lucci in the category of ‘failing to win’, although Lucci does have one victory to her credit.


– She is speaking out at the cancellation of ‘All My Children’. She says the reason the show was cancelled was because of greed and that one of the network heads at ABC has ‘that fatal comination of ignorance & arrogance’. As for ABC, they have taken the high road in saying they have all the respect for Susan and feel bad for her. I have never seen the show…(really, I haven’t), but, still know Susan Lucci as Erica Kane…and that’s it. I would be pissed too if my only job that I have ever had in the history of my long career was cancelled too! Like sands through the hour glass….or…was that another show…


– Walter Koenig (Chekov on original ‘Star Trek’) 75.

– Faith Ford (Corky on ‘Murphy Brown’ & ‘Hope & Faith’) 47.

– Kimberly Williams (‘According To Jim’) 40.

BRAIN BUSTER answer from last time: ‘The Monkees’ variety show debuted in 1966.

– 1972: The Waltons debuts on CBS.

– 1985: Golden Girls has it’s series premiere and is an instant hit.

– 1978: The show that launched the career of Robin Williams, Mork & Mindy debuts.



– Tim Allen is back with his new sitcom about a man’s man who is trying to get man back into his rightful place in society. It has a great cast w/ Hector Elizondo and Nancy Travis starring. So, will I watch it? I really never did get into ‘Home Improvement’, but, just might have to at least check out this debut. Guess it will all depend on what I am watching once mid-October comes along. Have a look:



– Which show had it’s debut in 1965 that included a pig as one of it’s key characters, and was centered in Hooterville? Answer next time!


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