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Wed. Sep.21st – Tube Trash

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– World peace is one thing, but, dancing is another. Say bye to former NBA star Ron Artest, or, Metta Worldpeace, as he is known now. He was the 1st celeb to be eliminated on ‘Dancing With the Stars’.


– Quite a debut for Ashton Kutcher, as close to 28 million tuned in to see his 1st time on the hit sitcom…or, were they really tuning in to see Charlie Harper get killed off. Regardless of the reason, it was the highest rated episode in the 8 year history of ‘Two and A Half Men’.


– People also tuned in to see the Charlie Sheen Roast on Comedy Central. As a matter of fact, with about 6.4 million watching the show, it was the 2nd highest rated show in the network’s history, 2nd only to…a Jeff Dunham Holiday special!


– Sarah Michelle Gellar returned to her TV roots by appearing on the daytime soap ‘All My Children’ today. She showed up in a wheelchair on her to the psych ward, and recognized an old friend. Her role on the show was back in the 1993-1995. ‘All my Children’ will officially leave the air on ABC this Friday. Sarah will return to her dual role as twins on the CW drama ‘Ringer’.


– NFL football helped NBC win the ratings week, as their Sunday night’er with the Eagles & Falcons was the top rated show. ‘America’s Got Talent’ and the finale was no.2, followed by ’60 Minutes’, ‘The Emmy Awards’, the new NBC comedy ‘Up All Night’, “Survivor:South Pacific’, & ‘NCIS’ rounding out the top 10.


– Simon and Paula are back tonight w/ the 2 hour debut of the ‘X Factor’ on FOX. Cowell was asked whether or not the show would be bigger than ‘Idol’, and here is what he said:

Simon on X-Factor vs. Idol



– Criminal Minds is back tonight w/ it’s season premiere, and likewise for the original ‘CSI’ on it’s new Wednesday time slot. Ted Danson debuts on the show replacing Laurence Fishburne, who left last season. A new Survivor is back, as we wait to see who will join Semhar at Redemption Island for the 1st battle to stay on the Island.


– New episodes of ‘Up All Night’ and ‘Free Agents’ are up tonight, and ‘Up All Night’ is being regarded as a 1st episode hit already after a top 10 finish. The new seasons of Harry’s Law & ‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit’ are tonight too.


– The new seasons of ‘The Middle’ and ‘Modern Family’ are tonight, and the new mystery series ‘Revenge’ w/ Madelaine Stowe debuts this evening as well.


– Larry Hagman (‘I Dream of Jeannie’ and JR on ‘Dallas’) 80.

– Ricki Lake (Talk show host & now on ‘Dancing with the Stars’) 43.

– Rob Morrow (‘Northern Exposure’) 49.

– Maggie Grace (‘Lost’) 28. (SEE CLIP)

1957: ‘Perry Mason’ w/ Canadian Raymond Burr debuts.

1970: ‘Monday Night Football’ 1st hits tv on ABC.


– It’s like the female version of the Michael J.Fox comedy ‘Doc Hollywood’. Rachel Bilson from ‘The O.C.’ returns to the small screen playing big city Dr. Zoe Hart from New York. She is forced to leave the city for a small Southern town. Will I watch it? I think I just might check it out, as it will follow the new season of ‘Gossip Girl’. Here is a preview:


– One of TV’s hottest babes is the girl who plays the role of Serena on CW’s ‘Gossip Girl’ It’s Blake Lively, lovely, and that’s all you need to know.



Tue. Sep.20th – Tube Trash

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– It was the much anticipated debut of this CBS sitcom, and one that saw the end of Charlie Harper, and the beginning of Walden Schmidt. We knew that Charlie Sheen’s character was going to be killed off, so, just how did they do it? He stepped out of the subway in Paris, and right onto an oncoming train…and that ended that. No comebacks for Charlie Sheen. I am sure that Chuck Lorre was smiling over and over at the fact that he got to pick how to end the headache known as Charlie Sheen.


– While Charlie was being squashed on one network, he was being roasted on another, and he loved every minute of it. Comedy Central aired his ‘Roast’ last night, and it is sure to be a ratings hit. Here is a look at one of the one-liners of the night from ‘Private Practice’ star Kate Walsh:


– The ratings hit known as ‘Dancing With The Stars’ debuted last night. Everyone was waiting to see how ‘Chaz Bono’ would do, and from all accounts, it was a good night, as his scores fell into the middle of the pack. Chynna Phillips and actor J.R.Martinez were tied at the top after round one. Not sure who is heading home, but, the dance of the night for entertainment purposes belonged to Carson Kressley. Have a look:


– Last night the gang was back on Hawaii Five-O for season two of this remake. McGarrett was able to prove his innocence in the death of the governor, but, not before escaping from jail, and assaulting a number of police officers along the way. That stuff usually slides in the easy lifestyle of Hawaii. The only problem left for the group is the fact that the governor’s murderer is still out there, and that paves the way for what should be the story-line this year. By the way, if you saw the last scene…then you saw the twist in this season’s plot. If you didn’t see it…watch your PVR. Looking forward to this year!


– The in ‘memorium’ segment this year featured a notable snub. They was  no mention of Jeff Conaway, who had a memorable TV role on ‘Taxi’, not to mention characters in such shows as ‘Matlock’ and ‘Murder, She Wrote’. No word on why he wasn’t included…but, every award show usually has to make some ‘cuts’ in that segment, and Conaway was one that didn’t make it. Here is some ‘Bobby Wheeler’ from the legendary comedy:


– Another big show is back tonight, as season 3 of ‘Glee’ premieres. It is senior year at high school for the ‘Glee-sters’, so, the gang is back…but, who will actually leave the show at the end of this season. Jane Lynch, who plays one of the top roles on the tube these days, Sue Sylvester, says that there is a ton of time to figure out the departures:

Jane Lynch on Glee



– It is the season premieres of the ‘NCIS’ franchise tonight. The original w/ Mark Harmon is back, followed by the L.A. version. Both shows are golden w hen it comes to the ratings, and this season will probably remain the same. ‘Unforgettable’ w/ Poppy McGomery has it’s series premiere tonight, and even though I am looking to skip it…it might do alright being aligned w/ the ‘NCIS’ series.


– The new season of ‘Biggest Loser’ is this evening, and features Anna Kournikova as the motivation for the contestants. The former tennis pro is know mostly for her looks, as opposed to her brawn. By the way, she was an incredible tennis player, but, never won a pro tournament. Who will bring that up? Also this evening, ‘Parenthood’ is back as Adam & Kristina continue to make plans for the new baby.


– Already mentioned the return of ‘Glee’ tonight, followed by the series premiere of ‘New Girl’ w/ Zooey Deschanel. I mentioned that show in a ‘Fall Preview’ & will not PVR this one, just to see how it does.


– ‘Dancing With the Stars’ starts w/ a recap from last night, and then the 1st elimination will take place. ‘Body of Proof’ is back for a 2nd season and premieres this evening. Dana Delaney is back…and gets hotter w/ age…she really does. Looking forward to this debut. If you haven’t seen it…yes, it rivals ‘CSI’ and all of it’s other shows that are scattered throughout the States…still good though.


– ‘90210’ is back as the gang continues to adjust to college life, and that is followed by Sarah Michelle Gellar in ‘Ringer’. I didn’t mind the debut of this one, as Sarah plays the dual roles of twins…and we do know that both of them are alive. If you saw the premiere, you know what I am talking about.


– Anne Meara (‘Fame’, ‘All In The Family’, ‘Alf’) 82.

– Debbie Morgan (‘Boston Public’) 55.

– Gary Cole (‘Entourage’) 55.

– Kristen Johnston (‘3rd Rock From the Sun’) 44.

1953: ‘The Six Shooter’ w/ Jimmy Stewart debuts on NBC.

1984: The TV classic ‘Cosby Show’ has it’s premiere (SEE CLIP)

1986: At the 38th Emmy Awards, ‘Golden Girls’ is named best comedy, while ‘Cagney & Lacey’ takes top drama awards.


– It is ‘Mad Men’ meets ‘Catch Me If You Can’. It really is yet another network trying to bank on the success of the 4 time Emmy winning show from HBO. It starts with the inaugural flight of Pan-Am, and features the glitz & glamour of being a stewardess back in the day. Christina Ricci stars in this show, and it features a huge cast. Will I watch? Yep, I will check this debut out this Sunday. Here is a preview right now.


– It is none other than…Teri Hatcher! I have always been a fan of her from the days of ‘Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman’. She is back for one more season as the bumbling, trouble making Susan on ‘Desperate Housewives’. What kind of mischief will the ladies of Wisteria Lane get into this season? We will find out Sunday when the show debuts.



Mon. Sep.19th – Tube Trash

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– So, no real drama last night as ‘Mad Men’ made some history by winning the best drama for a 4th year in a row. They tie ‘Hill Street Blues’, ‘L.A. Law’ & ‘The West Wing’ as the only shows to have won the award 4 times. Oddly enough, the HBO hit was up for 19 awards, but, only won twice! ‘Modern Family’ was the best comedy for the 2nd straight year, to the surprise of no one. Jane Lynch from ‘Glee’ was the host, and did an admirable job. This little segment featuring some novelty songs from ‘Saturday Night Live’ was the highlight.


– The CBC reality show back for a 3rd season featuring former NHL’ers teaming up with figure skaters. Last night, it was the boot camp, and the pairings for the upcoming season were revealed. Sadly, former tough guy Wade Belak passed away leading up to the start of the show, and it ended last night w/ a look at his short time on the show.



– It’s the one everyone is waiting for…just to find out how Charlie Harper (Charlie Sheen) is killed off. We also meet his replacement, an Internet millionaire who buys the home that Alan & Jake still live in. Walden Schmidt (Ashton Kutcher) is newly single…and broken hearted, and maybe suicidal? Wow…this really does sound like a funny show, doesn’t it?


– One of the best finales last season was this one, featuring the demise of the 5-0. What will become of McGarrett, Danno and the gang? We will find out, along with a little help from a new character played by Terry O’ Quinn, formerly Locke of ‘Lost’. I am looking forward to this show’s return! Here is some Locke footage from ‘Lost’:


– More comedy on CBS tonight w/ the premiere of ‘2 Broke Girls’, which may survive thanks in part to being along for the ride w/ ‘2 and a Half Men’ and a new season of ‘How I Met Your Mother’.


– NBC’s Monday has the 2 hour premiere of ‘The Sing Off’, another musical reality show, this one being a real life version of ‘Glee’. ‘The Playboy Club’ is yet another show trying to bank on the success of ‘Mad Men’ by going back to the glory days of the ’60’s. I will let you know what I think of the ‘Club’. I will check out it’s debut…for obvious reasons.


– Another Summer show comes to an end, after dragging things out into the Fall season. There are 4 chefs remaining…and the winner is revealed tonight.


– It is the premiere of ‘Castle’, which has turned out to be a surprise hit for ABC, and it looks like it has the staying power to be on the air for a few more years at least. The grand-daddy of Fall shows is of course ‘Dancing’. New celebs with the most anticipation being for Chaz Bono, son of Cher who is a transgendered male. Nancy Grace & David Arquette are others gaining a lot of the spotlight leading into tonight when the 13 celebs hit the floor.


– James Lipton (Host of ‘Inside the Actors Studio’) 85. (see clip)

– Adam West (TV’s original ‘Batman’) 81.

– Randolph Mantooth (‘Emergency’) 66.

– Jimmy Fallon (‘SNL’ alum & host of his own late night show) 37.

1970: ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show’ debuts.

1994: NBC’s hit ‘ER’ premieres.


– The future means…going back to the past. It’s the year 2149, and Earth is crumbling. So, how do you fix it? By going back in time..way back, to  pre-historic time. That might be man’s only way to survive his own extinction. Heading back into the world of dinosaurs will present it’s problems. Steven Spielberg is involved, which means, I have to check it out! It should be a big hit out of the gate, but, we will soon see just how good…or bad it really is. The cast is virtually unknown, but, it’s the effects that should make this show a hit. Take a peek:

BOOB TUBE BABE OF DAY (this does beat the BRAIN BUSTER by a mile):

– Tanith Belbin, of CBC’s ‘Battle of the Blades’. She is one of the new skaters on the show this year…and she is…a Yank!



Wed. Sep.14th – Tube Trash

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– The final four performed one last time, as we gear up for tonight’s finale. Who should win? I think Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. should. Who will win? Something tells me it will be Team Illuminate, which is OK, as they really do have a unique show to offer to Vegas along the lines of Cirque Du Soleil and the Blue Man Group. An odd ending, as NBC had to fill the last 10 minutes w/ some highlights from this season because Silhouettes weren’t ready to go. The show ended a couple of minutes late, stealing a page from how FOX runs American Idol.



– It was the series finale of one of my favorite shows of all time. We already knew that Turtle was a millionaire, and that Drama got his TV series back. What was new w/ the ending? Vince decided to get married to Sophia…and was heading to Paris…that night! E got back together w/ Sloane, so that they could raise their baby together, and Ari quit the agency…just up and quit, and took his family to live in Italy! It was actually a pretty cool wrap…but, after the credits rolled, we saw a last scene with Ari and his wife in Italy…a scene that is obviously paving the way for the much talked about ‘Entourage’ movie! Take a look:



– A look at the top rated shows last week shows the debut of NFL Football dominating the ratings…and shows NBC as the top network. Football was number one, with NBC’s ‘America’s Got Talent’ in 2nd spot, followed by ‘9-11: 10 Years Later’ and rounding out the top 5 re-runs of ‘NCIS’ and the L.A. version. Things should change a bit next week w/ a number of networks rolling out their Fall season this week.


– Twentieth Century Fox is donating 1 million bucks to music education group in the U.S. They will divide it among 73 schools, each getting some dough between $10,000 to $50,ooo. The DVD release of season number 2 of ‘Glee’ is the reason, and people will have a shot at voting on why their school deserves to win. That second season is out now.


– More from Simon Cowell, who is really putting himself out there these days. Hmmm…he must have a show debuting sometime soon. He says that if ‘American Idol’ wins the Emmy this Sunday for best reality show, he should get all the credit. Well, he & Paula should get it for all their years of building the show. So far, ‘Idol’ is 0 for 8 in that competition, and rivals Susan Lucci in the category of ‘failing to win’, although Lucci does have one victory to her credit.


– She is speaking out at the cancellation of ‘All My Children’. She says the reason the show was cancelled was because of greed and that one of the network heads at ABC has ‘that fatal comination of ignorance & arrogance’. As for ABC, they have taken the high road in saying they have all the respect for Susan and feel bad for her. I have never seen the show…(really, I haven’t), but, still know Susan Lucci as Erica Kane…and that’s it. I would be pissed too if my only job that I have ever had in the history of my long career was cancelled too! Like sands through the hour glass….or…was that another show…


– Walter Koenig (Chekov on original ‘Star Trek’) 75.

– Faith Ford (Corky on ‘Murphy Brown’ & ‘Hope & Faith’) 47.

– Kimberly Williams (‘According To Jim’) 40.

BRAIN BUSTER answer from last time: ‘The Monkees’ variety show debuted in 1966.

– 1972: The Waltons debuts on CBS.

– 1985: Golden Girls has it’s series premiere and is an instant hit.

– 1978: The show that launched the career of Robin Williams, Mork & Mindy debuts.



– Tim Allen is back with his new sitcom about a man’s man who is trying to get man back into his rightful place in society. It has a great cast w/ Hector Elizondo and Nancy Travis starring. So, will I watch it? I really never did get into ‘Home Improvement’, but, just might have to at least check out this debut. Guess it will all depend on what I am watching once mid-October comes along. Have a look:



– Which show had it’s debut in 1965 that included a pig as one of it’s key characters, and was centered in Hooterville? Answer next time!


Sun. Sep.11th – Tube Trash

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– One show to go, as Head of Household’er Adam decided to keep Rachel safe…yes…RACHEL…and put up Jordan and Porsche for eviction. In the veto competition, the usually dim-witted Porsche won a thinking contest, yes…PORSCHE…and took herself off the block. So, with only four remaining, that meant Rachel went on the block with Jordan, and Porsche cast the only vote & sent former champ Jordan packing. The 90 minute finale is coming up on Wednesday, and will start with part one of the 3 part Head of Household competition. The winner will be able to decide his/her opponent for the jury, who will cast votes to decide the winner. Got all that?


– It’s the series finale of one of my favorite shows, Entourage. Here is what we know so far: Things should end well for Turtle, an instant millionaire, thanks to Vince, who was looking out for one of his buddies, behind his back. Drama is getting his show back with Andrew Dice-Clay, so, all is good there. As for E…well, the gang is going to try and talk to Sloane in the hopes she will take him back in their on-off again relationship. As for Ari, will he ever get back his wife? We will find out tonight, and we will know the fate of Vince, who looks to be ready to take a huge step in his attempts to win love. Here is a very quick tease:



– If you are watching the ‘Pad’, you know that Holly had to send home Blake last episode. She slipped him a note on his way out, saying that her heart was breaking, and she hoped they would meet again. Well, they have met, and are engaged! Apparently, the two are planning their wedding. It was awkward enough on the show that Holly’s ex fiance Michael was actually there. Wonder what the reunion will be like tomorrow with the 3 of them there?


– Last night marked the big comedy roast of Charlie Sheen. The show was taped and will feature an odd group of roasters. Listen to this lineup: William Shatner, Kate Walsh (have no idea  how she knows Charlie…must have been some private practice some time ago), Mike Tyson (always a joy to listen to ‘Iron Mike’ try to piece together sentences), Steve-O of ‘Jackass’  misfortune, Jon Lovitz? and even Slash will be there. The show will air on Comedy Central September 19th…the same night in which his character is killed off of ‘Two and A Half Men’.


– Speaking of Charlie Sheen, his ex Denise Richards recently sounded off…but, not about ‘good times’ Chuck. Instead, she issued a release to dispute what Simon Cowell had said earlier this week about their one time date together. Denise said that she was at a dinner with 8 people, and Simon was there, and that’s it! She said that if she was being set up on a blind date…no one told her! She also stated that she wished someone had told her…because Simon is a hot piece of ass! What is with Simon and the sex factor? The chicks dig him and his tight tee’s.


– Award winning Aaron Sorkin has a new show coming to HBO. Jeff Daniels will play a cable news anchor w/ his boss being Sam Waterston. The drama will feature a lot of dialogue, ala ‘The West Wing’, one of his biggest creations.  No title, and no release yet.


– It sounds like Sam Poueu from the ‘Biggest Loser’ will be alright after falling from a building. He is in critical condition w/ a pelvic injury, torn ligaments, a punctured lung & a broken leg! Despite being in critical condition, he can recognize visitors & is getting better. No word on where or how he fell, and no one else has weighed in yet on his condition.


– Anderson Cooper will have actor Gerard Depardieu on his show to talk about the actor & how he pissed in the aisle of a flight recently. The actor’s actions caused Cooper to have a hysterical breakdown on his show, one which would turn into a giggle-fest, a complete 360 from his usual on air behavoiur. Remember?


– Michelle Williams  (BRAIN BUSTER from Thursday – Dawson’s Creek) 31 this past Friday.

– Tom Wopat (Luke Duke on Dukes of Hazzard) 60 this past Friday.

– Harry Connick Jr. (singer & actor – Leo on Will and Grace) 44 today.

1975 Sep.9th: Welcome Back Kotter debuts on ABC.

1955 Sep.10th – Gunsmoke debuts on CBS.

1993 Sep.10th – The X-Files makes it’s debut.


– Ok, the premiere is a ways away…but, at that point, the bad will  have been weeded out of many of the networks Fall start. So, ‘Grimm’ may be a good replacement for some out there. It is based on the ‘Grimm’s Fairy Tales’ and is about a detective who discovers that he is descended from a group known as ‘the Grimms’. Their sole purpose is to keep some sort of balance between humans, and the mythical creatures that roam the world. How do you know that this is a fantasy show? It’s on a Friday…of course. I am still in the middle of whether or not I will watch this one. Take a look:


– What TV show has it’s debut anniversary on Monday, September 12th from 1966? This show was an Emmy winner, and actually spawned a slew of top 10 hits, and had many people going ape over it. Name it. Answer next time.



Thu. Sep.8th – Tube Trash

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– The top ten were narrowed down to a final four, and include the dance groups Team Illuminate and Silhouettes, the young pop band Poplyfe and the old school Sinatra style singer Landau Eugene Murpy Jr. Murphy edged out my fave, 11 year old Anna Graceman in the last decision of the night. Take a peek:


– Adam, of all people, won the veto competition, and decided to do…absolutely nothing! He kept Kalia and Porsche on the block. Adam voted to evict Kalia, Jordan seem undecided in her choice, and went w/ Porsche. That left it a 1-1 tie, and Rachel had no problem in using the deciding vote on Kalia, and sent her packing. The show ended w/ the head of household competition, and a 2nd straight win for Adam! Tonight…yet another houseguest is evicted…on Big Brother!


– With the Summer season winding down (Monday officially kicks off the Fall season), CBS was the top-rated network this past week, w/ a big thanks to Big Brother. America’s Got Talent was number one (as it has been all Summer long), while re-runs of NCIS & the L.A. version were 2 and 3. Big Brother was 4th, followed by Bachelor Pad, to wrap up the top 5 as far as network shows go.


– Goran Visjnic, best know for his role on ER, is about set to fly the friendly skies w/ the new show Pan-Am. He will join the cast for four episodes later this Fall playing a Yugoslavian diplomat, who is looking for a brighter future in the Western world. He will get involved w/ one of the stewardesses, which should be no surprise, as it seems that the entire storyline of this program will centre more around hook ups that anything else. The mile high club will be crowded!


– As his new show X-Factor is about set to debut, Simon Cowell is dishing some dirt, including the fact that he actually went on a date with…Denise Richards! He said it was a bit of a blind date…but, it didn’t work out, as she showed up w/ a dog in her handbag…and was 8 months pregnant! Who knew that there would actually be a sick degrees of separation w/ Chuckles Sheen! Simon also went on to say that he has always been fascinated w/ Paula Abdul, and that she is someone w/ a good heart! Well, depending on the amount of pills Paula has popped, I would beg to differ about the good heart part…but, then I am not a doctor. I don’t even play one on TV.


– It’s not a new ‘model’ per say…but, a new model of the show. Molly Sims, who has been in TV’s ‘Las Vegas’…and that’s about it, is set to host the spinoff show ‘Project Accessory’. This show should be a ratings stealer, as 12 contestants will create…accessories. I can only imagine what kind of drama we will see…broken tiaras…papercuts…faulty glueguns…bring it on…beeaaaaatttttccccccccchhhhhheeeeeeees!


– Ben & Jerry’s ice cream has announced a new flavor…’Schweddy Balls’. Yep…it’s based on the Alec Baldwin Holiday skit on SNL…one of my favorites of all time. It will include some rum balls, malt balls, vanilla and should be sweet & sticky, just like Schweddy’s Balls. There was talk of adding Schweddy’s nuts, but, that is just too much for any one person to handle, would almost be like a juggling act. Enjoy!


– Heather Thomas (‘The Fall Guy’ w/ Lee Majors) 54.

– David Arquette (on new season of ‘Dancing With The Stars) 40.

– Jonathan Taylor Thomas (yesterday’s BRAIN BUSTER – Randy on ‘Home Improvement) 30.

1966: ‘Star Trek’ debuts on NBC w/ the 1st episode titled “The Man Trap”.

1986: ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ has it’s syndicated U.S. debut.


– It’s ‘Ghost Whisperer’ meets ‘ER’! Well, not quite, but, in a nutshell, a surgeon who has lost his wife sees her re-appear with advice on how to be a better person, and voila, he is transformed! The show has the good doctor having to deal with his ‘living’ family, and of course, his ‘ghostly’ wife. I am not too sure about this one…so, my verdict may be the skip on this one. Patrick Wilson from movies like “Watchmen” and “A-Team” plays the lead role. Take a look:


– What Oscar nominated actress will turn 31 tomorrow? She got her start on a popular 90’s TV show that pretty much shares the same name w/ a B.C. city. Answer? Next time!


Wed. Sep.7th – Tube Trash

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– It was top ten night as the acts all performed for a shot in tonight’s final four. Last year’s winner Michael Grimm started things off, and showed why he was the champ, with an awesome performance. He is currently on tour opening for Stevie Nicks. As for the top 10, performances for many weren’t as good as they were in previous weeks, and that includes my fave, 11 year old Anna Graceman, who did Cyndi Lauper’s ‘True Colors’ last night. Here is a little taste w/ one of the top performances last night, and Poplyfe w/ their Jackson 5 medley.


– With Kahlia & Porsche on the block, they get a chance to save themselves tonight w/ the veto competition. Little does the ‘Big Brother’ house know is that tonight is a special Wednesday eviction night. It has to be done, as the finale is just one week away!


– The Denis Leary FX show ends this evening after 6 seasons. It might be fitting considering that the show was based on the aftermath of 9/11, and this Sunday marks the 10th anniversary of that historic tragedy. A bittersweet year for Leary? He is a little down on the fact that this show is over, but, his beloved Boston Bruins did win the Stanley Cup earlier this year, now didn’t they?


– In case you were under a rock in the past 24 hours, Eddie Murphy has been announced as the host for the 2012 Oscars. I think that he is going to do a good job, but, it’s just rather  odd, isn’t it? Despite his own Oscar nom in 2006 for ‘Dreamgirls’, you never would have figured that he would be a shoo-in for the gig… unless it was in 1987! The show airs February 26th.


– After Fox pulled the plug on this hit show, Lifetime, of all networks, has come on board to pick it up for another season. It was a great run w/ Fox and 24 years on the air. John Walsh will be back for season 25, which is a lifetime for most TV shows.


– It is now 100% official, Ben Flajnik is the new ‘Bachelor’. He was the guy who was rejected by Ashley on the last season of ‘The Bachelorette’. The 28 year old will be looking for love, in all the wrong places this January. Here is a pic of the dude…and his celeb look-a-like…Rafael Nadal!

Bachelor Ben

Bachelor Ben's look-a-like?


– After spending last TV season on 2 NBC shows, Kathy Bates has decided to stick with just one this Fall. Her comedy ‘Harry’s Law’ is back for a 2nd season, but, her role as Jo on ‘The Office” is done. She was on last season as the CEO of Sabre, the company that would own Dundler Mifflin, but, has decided that she is gone just like the “That’s What She Said” quotes of Michael, played by the now departed Steve Carell.

Kathy Bates on leaving \The Office\


– Julie Kavner (Rhoda, voice of Marge Simpson) 61.

– Corbin Bernsen (Becker on L.A. Law) 57.

– Tom Everett Scott (Grace Under Fire) 41.

– Oliver Hudson (Rules of Engagement) 35.

– Evan Rachel Wood (True Blood) 24.

– 1966: Last episode of ‘The Dick Van Dyke Show’ on CBS.

– 1974: ‘Land of the Lost’ debuts.

– 1971: (Yesterday’s BRAIN BUSTER) Beverly Hillbillies ends it’s long run on CBS.


– Yep, Simon Cowell is back, and Simon says that this show will be a hit, just as it has been in the U.K. for almost 10  years now. It is another singing competition, but, this time, the auditions are done in front of the judges, and a live audience, so, the pressure to make a good impression has never been bigger. Simon is a judge, and oh yeah, so, is Paula. She is back, and ‘Pussycat Doll’ Nicole Scherzinger is a judge too, along w/ L.A. Reid. Will I watch this one? How could I not. At least check it out, if only for the weird and at times, even sexual chemistry that Simon and Paula have. I said it…you thought it…and don’t ever mention it again. Here is a look:


– What former child actor will turn 30 tomorrow? His claim to fame was being one of the sons of a man who got to share his tool (s) with a certain Baywatch babe. Answer? Next tie.