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20 Babes On The Boob

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I watch a lot of TV…a whole ton of TV, so much so, that I can actually have a list of the 20 biggest bombshells on the boobtube. Here is the DISCLAIMER though…these 20 are from shows that I watch. With apologies to Megan Fox, her goes the list:

20. Tina Fey. The star and creator of 30 Rock is talented and brilliant…and a pleasure to look at.


19. Nora Zehetner. She is one of the ‘newbies’ on Grey’s Anatomy, as part of the merger. Her beautiful bulging eyes are sure to catch the attention of Alex, who will cheat on Izzy, ’cause that’s what they do on Grey’s.


18. Peyton List. This babe first caught our attention as Marissa’s rebel little Sister on the O.C. She is now the babysitter on the break-out hit Flash Forward.


17. Jenna Fischer. She is funny, and quirky, and rather sexy. She is part of TV’s dream couple, Pam and Jim, on The Office.


16. Neve Campbell. Yikes…she could make the list based on her role on Party Of Five, but, is the only one on the list who is not actually on TV right now. We welcomed her back this past Summer in the Philanthropist.


15. Michelle Trachtenberg. She is the only two timer on our list, with roles on Gossip Girl and Mercy. She got her start on Buffy, and now plays a bad girl on Gossip Girl (but,  aren’t they all), and the little ‘Miss Innocent’ on Mercy.


14. Aimee Garcia. She is part of NBC’s sexy new drama Trauma. She flies a chopper with Rabbitt, but, if you have seen her run on the show, you know she is the ‘bouncy bunny’!



13. Teri Hatcher. She had it in Lois And Clark, and she still has it as the smokin’ clutz Susan in Desperate Housewives.


12. Lindsay Price. She first gained our attention as Steve’s girl in the last few years of the original 90210, but, now dazzles us the reserved, but waiting to burst out of her shell newsreporter on Eastwick. Paul Gross has a tough job.


11. Katie Cassidy. In the new Melrose Place, she is the vixen that Heather Locklear was in the original.


…Time for a break…there is your list from 20 to 11. Casey Kaseem will have the top 10 tomorrow.



Charts Baby – Oct.31st

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(2) 1. Sexy Chick – DAVID GUETTA W/ AKON

(1) 2. Down – JAY SEAN W/ LIL WAYNE

(3) 3. Party In The USA – MILEY CYRUS

(5) 4. Whatcha Say – JASON DERULO

(6) 5. Run This Town – JAY-Z W/ RIHANNA & KANYE WEST

(4) 6. Use Somebody – KINGS OF LEON

(8) 7. Sweet Dreams – BEYONCE

(15) 8. 3 – BRITNEY SPEARS

(10) 9. Cha-Ching – HEDLEY

(7) 10. You Belong With Me – TAYLOR SWIFT

(13) 11. Love Drunk – BOYS LIKE GIRLS

(12) 12. Evacuate The Dancefloor – CASCADA

(9) 13. Obsessed – MARIAH CAREY

(17) 14. Aleady Gone – KELLY CLARKSON

(16) 15. Throw Your Hands Up – STEREOS W/ J PARIS

(11) 16. I Gotta Feeling – BLACK EYED PEAS

(19) 17. Meet Me Halfway – BLACK EYED PEAS

(18) 18. Paparazzi – LADY GAGA

(14) 19. G-Get Up And Dance – FABER DRIVE

(-) 20. Fireflies – OWL CITY





(1) 1. Check My Brain – ALICE IN CHAINS (5th WK.)

(4) 2. Wheels – FOO FIGHTERS

(3) 3. Overcome – CREED

(2) 4. Break – THREE DAYS GRACE

(5) 5. She’s A Genius – JET

(6) 6. The Fixer – PEARL JAM

(7) 7. New Divide – LINKIN PARK

(8) 8. All Over Me – DEFAULT

(9) 9. Whiskey Hangover – GODSMAKC

(10) 10. Devil On My Shoulder – BILLY TALENT

(11) 11. Sound Of Madness – SHINEDOWN

(14) 12. I Will Not Bow – BREAKING BENJAMIN

(13) 13. Notion – KINGS OF LEON

(15) 14. Last Parade – MATTHEW GOOD

(12) 15. Burn It To The Ground – NICKELBACK

(-) 16. If You Only Knew – SHINEDOWN

(17) 17. Welcome All Again – COLLECTIVE SOUL

(18) 18. I Get Off – HALESTORM

(-) 19. East Jesus Nowhere – GREEN DAY

(20) 20. Champagne – CAVO

PICK HIT: You’re Going Down – SICK PUPPIES



Babs Made Him Do It

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The tennis world was treated to a glorious reunion a few days ago. Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi played an exhibition tennis match overseas on the weekend, with ‘Pistol’ Pete bettering Andre 10-8 in a 3rd and final set. It was the first time they had met since Pete’s last professional match, a win over Andre in the US Open Final. It was a fitting capper to what has been a memorable 2009 in pro tennis.

A few days later however, a bombshell was dropped by the former No. 1, who was known to drop some bombshells on the court. Andre Agassi revealed that in 1997 he had tried crystal meth, and then lied about it to the powers that be in professional tennis. He said that the drug was slipped into a drink unknowingly, and the ATP bought it. The rules that exist now as far as drug enforcement goes in the game didn’t exist in 1997, but, even so, a handwritten letter got Andre off the hook.

I don’t know what is more suprising…the fact that Andre got away with it so easily, or the fact that Andre, many years later, had to reveal this. He does have an autobiography coming out next month, so, these types of revealations are par for the course when it comes to selling the books. But Andre really doesn’t need the dough. He is very wealthy, and is known for sharing his wealth. His Andre Agassi Foundation is a trend setter when it comes to helping young people. In the prime of his career, he was earning $25 million from endorsements alone. So, why the need to tell all? It is baffling to me, but, then maybe he wants to come clean, so to speak, as to his demons during his up and down tennis career. Or maybe he wants his book to sell more than Johnny Mac’s.

I don’t find it all that suprising that he did do drugs. After all, he was the face of tennis with his long blonde locks, his abrasive attitude, and the ‘rebel’ of the game. I am sure we all remember those cheese ball Canon Camera commercials.

I also find it funny that the ATP dismissed his ‘letter’ so easily. Had it been another player, an Andrei Medvedev (the player Andre beat to win his only French Open), I am sure the ‘letter’ wouldn’t have cut it. There was no way that the ATP wanted to put their biggest attraction on the sidelines, even if for a few months, because of being a druggie.

So, did Andre take the drug that one time…or was it an on-going problem? I guess we won’t know until we read the book. Having been a huge Andre fan for many, many years, this is kind of disappointing. Almost as disappointing as to when he dated Barbra Streisand. Really…Babs? I think the meth came a lot earlier….


Battered Stars

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What’s the deal with today’s NHL stars, and the constant amount of injuries that surface each and every day? I guess there are a few theories:

– Yes, it is true, today’s players are faster and stronger than they have ever been. With that mind, then I guess it would make sense for more injuries.

– At the same time though, today’s players take care of themselves more so than ever. The old days of going for a car ride at the end of August with the windows rolled up and the heat cranked up in order to lose weight are gone. I have tried that…doesn’t really work. The resources and support staff that each team has is incredibly huge, meaning that prevention and recovery of injuries is stronger than it ever has been. Mind you…it doesn’t matter what kind of shape you are in when Zdeno Chara steam rolls into you.

– Detection of injuries is easier than it ever has been too. You often hear stories of past pros who were playing with a broken foot, and didn’t know it until the injury was almost healed, or, players who discarded a big injury as ‘bumps and bruises’. There is also no longer the myth that used to exist where players would have to be tough and strong for team-mates and often play though some of those injuries. In today’s NHL, if you are hit and have any form of a head injury, tests are done, and you are not to return until deemed fit from the team Doctor.

– In today’s state of panic regarding flu epidemics, any player with any type of sniffle, muscle ache, cough, or fatigue is encouraged to get better, and stay away from the team until they are better. I don’t think those precautions existed even 15 years ago.

– Finally…maybe it is the same as it ever has been, but, we (the fans) now  have the resources to keep tabs on each and every player at any given moment of the day. I don’t recall hockey pools being as big as they are now either, which may explain why we curse players for sitting out a game or two with a bruised foot, as opposed to the days when we wouldn’t have known they even missed those games!

…They are dropping like flies now, aren’t they? I hope Gonchar recovers quickly, or the Preds have a light sked in the next few weeks, so Arnott doesn’t miss too much time, or Bouchard takes Tylenol 3’s to get rid of his day-to-day headache, or….








Reality Show “Say Whats!”

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Ok…are you like me and a fan of reality shows? Here are some ‘say whats’ from recent shows:

1. SURVIVOR: SAMOA…This year’s edition has a few of ’em. For instance, last Thursday was the first time in Survivor history that a challenge couldn’t be completed as Russell (not Russell H., but the other one) fainted a couple times and his blood pressure dropped, causing him to leave the game. SAY WHAT! Also, this year’s show saw another first as Ben tripped a competitor in a challenge, and was the first to ever be kicked out of the game. SAY WHAT! And finally, this also marks the first time in Survivor that any participants have found the coveted “Immunity Idles” without even getting one clue. SAY WHAT!  I wonder if the producers of the show are ‘spicing it up’ a bit with these seemingly endless ‘firsts’ taking place. If only Jeff Probst could put it into perspective. I am sure he will. His honesty and integrity are the only things that makes this show real. Did I say that out loud? Sorry.

2. BATTLE OF THE BLADES…I heard a judge say to Claude Lemieux…”who taught you to shake your ass like that?” SAY WHAT! Ken Daneyko was told that he is a gentle man with soft hands. SAY WHAT! Tie Domi’s smile lights up Maple Leaf Gardens, and his strides are a true resemblance of the real man he is. SAY WHAT! All of the girls (the actual figure skaters) are pretty hot…no SAY WHAT on that one.

3. THE AMAZING RACE…The biggest SAY WHAT goes to Mika from last night’s show. She had the challenge of going down a waterslide in Dubai. Yes…it was a straight-down slide…and yes…it was in shallow water…and yes…it was pretty high…but she couldn’t do it. She refused to do it. She put her foot down, and her water wings bounced and she pouted and she cried a bit, and she was not the Mika that we all were in love with from the beginning of the show. She was not the Mika that we were cheering for, the one that we had hoped would find true love with Pachabelly or Canon or whatever his name was. She was not…OH…gimme a break. She was on the Amazing Race and couldn’t go down a freakin’ waterslide. Had the girl seen the show before? Was she aware of the fact that her fears of ‘water’ and ‘heights’ might come into play at some point in the show? And for that…she gets a big SAY WHAT! 


… Next time on Geespotting:

– Watch for the very first ‘list’. This one will highlight the top babes on the boob.

– Also…NHL award leaders and Al’s Team Canada.

– That’s next time on an all new Geespotting!


Smelly Leafs

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Ok, let’s get to a good ole hockey blog, shall we.:

– Alright, everyone remembers those days as a kid when you would go outside one Autumn afternoon and play in the big pile of leaves that Dad had raked up so nicely. It was a blast to dive in them leaves, roll around, throw them in the air, etc. Good times. You may also recall that one kid who didn’t have it so good. It didn’t happen all the time, but, there was that one kid who would get up from that pile of leaves with a look of horror on his or her face. That kid had rolled through some leaves that a dog had already rolled through…and that dog left his calling card, in the form of one fine, steamy dog turd. And that poor kid had it all over his pants. He did nothing wrong, but, now his day was done as his leaves stunk! Catch my smelly drift on this one?

– That is today’s Leafs, isn’t it, the Toronto Maple Leafs, they truly stink! It is fun to watch the team stumble out of the gate, the team that is located smack dab in the middle of the universe, the team that everyone loves, or loves to hate. As for me, I would actually prefer to see all 7 Canadian teams excel, and yes, that does include the Winnipeg Jets. (I am a hardcore fan…and after 14 years, it still hasn’t hit me yet). Here is why the Leafs stink of dog fesces so far:

– Goaltending. Yes, it is obvious, not front and centre for me like it is for so many others. There is no team in the league so far this season that is using goalie number 3 as their number 1. Also, I think Toskala isn’t really hurt, but, in hiding somewhere.

– Defence. It’s horrible. The 2 new additions have shown that they were truly over-rated heading into the season. Beauchemin is obviously a player who thrives on being a 3rd stringer, and Komisarek looks like he is still reading his own headlines. Luke Schenn is going through the sophomore jinx, because he is barely visible except when he makes the many mistakes that he does. I could go on and on…where is last year’s saviour Jeff Finger by the way?

– Offence. The best Leaf players on offence so far have been Ian White and Tomas Kaberle. That’s right…the Leaf’s two best forwards this season are their 2 best defencemen. These young guys that were supposed to shine this season have their lost way…and no doubt, their confidence. Grabovsky, Stalberg, Stajan…what happened to these guys? The Leafs were supposed to be fast, exciting…and on and on. Let me put it this way…last night against the Canucks, Lee Stempniak was on the point for the 2nd power play unit. That shouldn’t even happen in Pee Wee.

Coaching. Could be the biggest problem in all of  Leaf Land. Ron Wilson is an arrogant, smug thug who isn’t doing a very good job. Playing “Dodgeball” at an NHL hockey practice? C’mon, should have just taken the boys for a bonder to the peeler club down the road instead of having cameras present for that ‘grade 4 gym game’. He is like Burkey in the fact that he loves the media frenzy that is Toronto, and loves to hear and watch himself speak. The only other coach in the league that needs to have that look wiped off of his face is Jacques Lemaire, but, then he has some rings, so, you can’t argue with his success, or dopey look.

– Ok, how was that? It feels good to write and rant about them Leafs. Sadly, because the season is so long, the team is more than likely going to turn it around, go into Anaheim and beat a struggling Duck team, and then I will look foolish…but, probably not.

Go Leafs go…go Leafs go…go Leafs go…’hey…who did that…what’s that smell? were you raking Leafs recently…’


Charts Baby – Oct.24th

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(1) 1. Down – JAY SEAN W/ LIL WAYNE (3rd WK.)

(3) 2. Sexy Chick – DAVID GUETTA W/ AKON

(2) 3. Party In The USA – MILEY CYRUS

(4) 4. Use Somebody – KINGS OF LEON

(6) 5. Whatcha Say – JASON DERULO

(9) 6. Run This Town – JAY-Z W/ RIHANNA & KANYE WEST

(5) 7. You Belong With Me – TAYLOR SWIFT

(10) 8. Sweet Dreams – BEYONCE

(8) 9. Obsessed – MARIAH CAREY

(11) 10. Cha-Ching – HEDLEY

(7) 11. I Gotta Feeling – BLACK EYED PEAS

(16) 12. Evacuate The Dancefloor – CASCADA

(13) 13. Love Drunk – BOYS LIKE GIRLS

(12) 14. G-Get Up And Dance – FABER DRIVE

(-) 15. 3 – BRITNEY SPEARS

(17) 16. Throw Your Hands Up – STEREOS W/ J PARIS

(20) 17. Already Gone – KELLY CLARKSON

(18) 18. Paparazzi – LADY GAGA

(-) 19. Meet Me Halfway – BLACK EYED PEAS

(15) 20. Battlefield – JORDIN SPARKS






(1) 1. Check My Brain – ALICE IN CHAINS (4th WK.)

(5) 2. Break – THREE DAYS GRACE

(4) 3. Overcome – CREED

(7) 4. Wheels – FOO FIGHTERS

(2) 5. She’s A Genius – JET

(3) 6. The Fixer – PEARL JAM

(6) 7. New Divide – LINKIN PARK

(8) 8. All Over Me – DEFAULT

(9) 9. Whiskey Hangover – GODSMACK

(18) 10. Devil On My Shoulder – BILLY TALENT

(11) 11. Sound Of Madness – SHINEDOWN

(10) 12. Burn It To The Ground – NICKELBACK

(12) 13. Notion – KINGS OF LEON

(14) 14. I Will Not Bow – BREAKING BENJAMIN

(16) 15. Last Parade – MATTHEW GOOD

(13) 16. All You Did Was Save My Life – OUR LADY PEACE

(15) 17. Welcome All Again – COLLECTIVE SOUL

(17) 18. I Get Off – HALESTORM

(19) 19. Jars – CHEVELLE

(20) 20. Champagne – CAVO

PICK HIT: East Jesus Nowhere – GREEN DAY